VBCW anyone?

Conflicts and wars in the 21st century.
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VBCW anyone?

Post by CarlL » 12 Sep 2019, 21:41

Well the concept of a 1938 VBCW is now well known. But what about a 2019 onward Very Brexit Civil War?
Who are the factions and the wider world backers?
Boris supported by Trump?
Brexit party financed by???
A Lib-Dem Remain faction?
The isolationist SNP?
The protestant league of Ulster?
The social democrat remainers?
The TUC fencesitters?
From the fox hunt, or should that be cricket bashers?, of MrsMay to the Royalist assent of ER or CR and the far left of Corbynistas?
Or the Moshad agents damming him?
Or the Islamic school of Bradford reform movement?
Well there is enough intrigue to build a very British 21st civil war currently!
Forgive me if I have missed out your faction?
Jo Johnson (role play persona of CarlL, who to believe / support nerdy type)

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Re: VBCW anyone?

Post by granty101 » 13 Sep 2019, 05:56


Many a strange thing is said in jest...and you might be bang on the money with your 'thoughts' ;)

Grant (representing the "Buy British and support our producers and growers" movement :lol: )
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Russell Phillips
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Re: VBCW anyone?

Post by Russell Phillips » 13 Sep 2019, 09:12

I quite like the concept of VBCW, but I've never really looked into it. I have wondered on occasion about a more modern version (although I was thinking 1980s rather than current).

It's an interesting idea, and the modern British army has some interesting equipment.

Just a friendly warning, though. Be careful to keep it civil. Anything Brexit-related has a tendency to get very nasty very quickly. Let's buck that trend :)
Russell Phillips
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Re: VBCW anyone?

Post by cartfc » 13 Sep 2019, 12:56

There is a Winter of ‘79 project that covers a 1980’s version. Mike Bravo Miniatures does some figures including a Mrs T although she looks more like the Spitting Image puppet! It does appeal. Proper Brit infantry with SLR’s, Humber Pig, FV432, Scimitar, Scorpion and Fox.

Cheers Fred.

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Re: VBCW anyone?

Post by Gary » 13 Sep 2019, 16:13

EUFed occupation/peacekeeping forces............EUFedMisE (European Union Federal Army Mission in England)with underfunded Bundeswehr with broomsticks and inoperable vehicles, hardened French Foreign Legion fresh from African hotspots and various other contingents to suit.......Scottish forces under President-for-Life Krankie guaranteeing independence and continued EU Federation membership......various other groups and coalitions, East Anglian Defence Force (backed by the US), Welsh and Cornwall seperatists, Irish Wild Geese volunteers, Royalists, Republicans and a good mix of socialist and communist militias and perhaps some criminal gangs and cartels 'protecting interests'......Moscow could provide destabilising support for several groups and coalitions too.
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bannockburn bhoy
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Re: VBCW anyone?

Post by bannockburn bhoy » 14 Sep 2019, 05:57

Hi Gary...You forgot the London for Londoners Legion & their dynamic leader Winston Marley III :D :

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