tufts and grass, etc

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Richard B.
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tufts and grass, etc

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I`m not very good at terrain and usually can`t be arsed to mess around basing figures beyond a basic flock style

But I do sometimes experiment and find 28mm stuff needs more effort than 20mm. Anyway i ran out of tufts and our local model shop was closed for a holiday and i don`t do GW (fuck em) :D

So i went to Ebay and discovered this company - https://www.warpainter.net/

Bought this set of arid tufts for £4.90 inc postage - pretty good IMHO :D

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Re: tufts and grass, etc

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Another very good source is
or at

I have used them a lot this year, since discovering them. (I have no links with them other than as a customer who found them a speedy and veryreasonably priced source of terrain materials.)

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