A difficult Question - Hedges

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Re: A difficult Question - Hedges

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Sorry my bad about the pictures. Interesting perhaps I need to grade hedges better. We already allow no obsticle to tracked hedges, perhaps I should ration hedges that are obsticles a bit more. For practical reasons I don't want to have a hedge at 5% bogging. One of the key issues at least to me,
is speed of play. You can't have a flexible too and frow battle if there are not eneough bounds to allow it in a typical game. So any rule has to be worth the delay it causes. Hence a 5% hedge is too much rolling for too little gain certainly at 1/144 where there are lots of vehicles and lots of hedges.

I does bring up trhe pectre however of how to code the battlefield to show dofferent standards of hedges in an easyly assimilated way. Already Carl has helped massively by providing me with hedged roads to save terrain laying time, key in a 1/144 game with typical Northern Europe hedges and fields.

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