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#1 13-Nov-2017 20:49:47

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New review at Plastic Soldier Review, Kettenkrad & Raketenwerfer

Its is for the Caesar, Set H096, WWII German Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad & Raketenwerfer 43,

see details at

This may inspire some of you WW2 German buffs?

I was surprised the crew were not paratroopers, as I always think of this as a late war para weapon, but here it seems to have early war uniform for the crew? But I am no expert as it seems it came into war earlier than I realised.

I shall quote the PSR reviewers final sentence:

"Although this is a set of odds and ends, everything that it delivers it does with great style and very good accuracy. This kind of merging of soft figures with hard-plastic kits is popular and makes best use of both materials. We would have liked to see a couple of generic kneeling figures to serve the Raketenwerfer 43, even at the expense of the fine but unremarkable infantry men, but otherwise this is another great set that adds another piece to the enormous Caesar WWII German range."



#2 14-Nov-2017 00:13:41

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Re: New review at Plastic Soldier Review, Kettenkrad & Raketenwerfer

Hi CarlL    The Kettenkrad and 88mm Raketenwerfer  ( Puppchen ) were a poor combination ,the Puppchen wasn't very robust and being towed by a rattling Kettenkrad did nothing to improve it .
The Puppchen wasn't very popular with the German paras or anybody else that used it.  The blast immediately gave your position away and necessitated an immediate relocate. To man it , due to the exposure , the crew had to be prone ,not a lot to commend it really.
The panzerschreck took over from it, and was much more popular, and made in much more significant numbers.
    cheers  John


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Re: New review at Plastic Soldier Review, Kettenkrad & Raketenwerfer

That's a very strange kit. Crew in early war uniforms is a very odd choice for a weapon that first appeared in 43. While some bits of early uniform persisted throughout it was hardly the norm.

As you say, para uniforms would have been far more useful.


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