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Film with a difference.

Just saw Zona Hostil - promoted in English-speaking countries as Rescue Under Fire (although I'm not a Spanish speaker I'd have guessed at "Hostile Zone" being the title).
Oops, I gave it away - it's a Spanish film about a Medevac chopper in Afghanistan - "routine" casualty pick up until the ground at the LZ proves to be not solid enough and the helicopter tips over. It's decided to not only rescue the wounded and the medevac crew but also to retrieve the Super Puma (to prevent a publicity loss).
There's a couple of Americans in it (as American troops) but it's mostly Spanish troops and Spanish equipment, so it provides different eye candy: yes there's Chinooks, but also a Super Puma (the medevac chopper) and some Tiger gunships. I think the vehicles are RG-31 Nyalas.
Based (aren't they all?) on a true story it's not world-shatteringly good but it's also not at all bad. Well worth the hour and a half of your time.

Interview with the Chinook lead pilot about the action here:
Interestingly it appears that the one part I had assumed was "Hollywoodised" was slinging the rescued Super Puma with a "single" strop (the linked video's Super Puma isn't damaged in the same way the one in the film is, so I assume that it's footage of the actual one).


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