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A Rhodesian Rhapsody AAR, 1975


Long time (too much work) no posting, but...

Some pictures of AmbushAlley play test game, using the latest version provided by Shawn.
Based in some idea from SP … d-edition/

A Rhodesian Light Infantry patrol unit in a routine scouting/searching mission towards a village (Kraal) after some strange reports of people abandoning their homes.
So A basic search (& destroy) mission:
# 2 sticks of RLI: one with 3 elements (but a FN MAG) another with 4 elements (FN FAL) all operators, so controlled individually (yep! new things coming up.....)
# RLI rated as D8/D10 (plus some extras for being Operators).

# «Terries» basically consisting in 4 blinds markers, randomly selected, with a number (representing number of elements) under the blinds (nifty idea..... remember it from Space Hulk?).
# These were rated as D8/D8 for the smaller groups the bigger will be others D6/D8.

Small game 1x1,2m table top, lots of fun, some 5 turns.
The table:
I was the GM controlling the Terries – so the Blinds – while two players controlled a stick each.

RLI win by detecting a weapons Catch on the huts (-3DRM to TQ to detect, only one attempt per Operator) 5 points, 1 point for each Terry Out of Combat.
Terries get 5 points for each RLI out of combat.
The Kraal and some of the Blinds

My players were a little shy, considering I was preparing a deadly ambush, so most movements were under cover…
For my part I know I have to get some shots on RLI, but not exposing my units too much to their firepower.
First unit was soon compromised, and quickly disposed by RLI fire.
My next blind try to ambush them, revealing themselves, and manage to take out one RLI element but lost all of them.

The rest was almost history, on the centre the 3 element stick keep it under the foliage – perhaps expecting some nasty thing from my units.

One of my blinds, simply go on the flank of the RLI, but too much blocking features means …. Nothing, so no engagement.

After some time, around turn 4, they finally attempt moving, with luck, managing infiltrating on the Kraal without being notice by my units – luck for ones or bad luck for others….
They cautiously approach and enter the Kraal, and a doing fast searching (a -3 DRM) one of the stick manage to find a weapons catch – Bingo, another 5 points.

After that most «terries» actions was simply to disappear on the bush, and fight another day. They manage to KO one of the «whities» so a political victory, and the RLI players with a 11 points against 5, manage to get a scenario victory.

Great game, simple, fast and fun. The rules seems to promise a lot:
# MHO simple, geared towards fast play;
# Covers from the present day till the far future (made a Stargate game after this one);
# The introduction of the operators expands the play factor, so now gamers could go for a few (around 12) figures individualy and/or teams like the previous version.

Figures by RH/Liberation miniatures, scenic mostly scratch, Huts on the Kraal from S&S. Kraal scratch by me

Thanks for looking, comments welcome


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Re: A Rhodesian Rhapsody AAR, 1975

great looking game


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Re: A Rhodesian Rhapsody AAR, 1975

Good looking game and nice scenery.


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Re: A Rhodesian Rhapsody AAR, 1975

Nice to hear from you Faustnik.
Sorry to hear work has got in way of gaming!

Lovely report. Not a set of rules I have tried in its varied forms. But you make them sound interesting and even faster to play in its latest reincarnation.



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