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Mine Clearance

So who can tell me a bit about national approaches.   In terms of combat clearance it would appear that the US seem to favour the MCLIC, that is the rocket propelled tube to blast a clear(ish) way then prove it with two tanks with mine plows.  The Germans judging by their latest seem to still favor a version of the Flail all be it with "elephants feet".   Personaly given its vulnerability I assumed that devices like the Giant Viper were for widening gaps in rear areas when time was of the essence.   Also all clearances seem to b ed two tanks wide, even in WW2, but reading first hand accounts seem to contradict this.   

Help appreciated. 

Our latest "Big Game" indIcates that for instance,  artillery or on ground scatter mine layers are a major force multiplier if you can get a field in place before the enemy arrives.   Slowing down a tank army in relatively open areas is not that easy.  For tanks the square law applies.  The power is the square of the number of tanks.  Hull down helps but certainly in our rules it's not that much about 1.33.  Missiles et al are still not that good as they are more easily deterred with counter measures and ERA.

Comments welcome of course on the above pontification.    What we have realised is 10 for the FEBZ is a lot smaller th a n you thing, but even then it's a headache as you can't keep mortars in place for very long c over in the front..


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