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Pics of the latest Complex Battlefield

Some pics of our latest multi evening game battlefield.   Inevitably any simulation is a compromise.   This is a complex game where the actual board covers a 16 by 6 ft area.  we can only reporesent 8 ft by 6 ft at any time but hopefully that will be sufficent.  The scenic boards represent "Table" edges so that there is a vast and complex ser of ranges and flanks.  Not as much as in the real world but already past the ability to man all of it, so sufficent to make the world Big while allowing it to fit on a board.   Ground scale is 1mm to 1m  models (few at this point as the Germans have retreated under cover of darkness to fight another day. … ed-public/ … ed-public/

Note this is not a begginers game.  Same rules but the scenario makes it hard as you have to decide things like when the mortars have to bug out as you trade space for time.   In addition to what forces to commit and when.  Currently the attacker has not betrayed his hand.  He has 2 routes to chose.  He does not have enough to go down both in force.  The defender similarly cannot defend all places to stop the attacker.


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Re: Pics of the latest Complex Battlefield

Nice photos.
I realise now that it must be your group that me and Maggy nicked the idea for card mountains for our Rif game !! Sorry we failed to acknowledge that more directly but we couldnt recall whose table it was at Pudsey!!

see … ockton.pdf in the members area of the Sotcw website, sorry forum only visitors you need to be a Sotcw member to access that report and photo. (I believe!?)


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