happy new year

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happy new year

Post by CarlL »

Happy New Year to all Sotcw Forum Users !

Thank you to Russell Phillips, (I assume its Russell's work) keeping the Sotcw Forum afloat long after the Sotcw Journal sank.

Your contributions, and comments, help keep interest in our 20th century focus (and its overlap into 21st!) of history alive, as well as other interests like model-making, toy soldiers, wargaming, tabletop terrain etc..

Keep up the contributions. I can only speak for myself, but I find these both informative, sometimes inspiring, and helps keep up morale in these pandemic times.

Keep safe (no more step ladders Will!?) and sane, (Granty will point out I have passed that point, probably....) and enjoy your hobby and sharing it here.

Richard B.
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Re: happy new year

Post by Richard B. »

Feliz año nuevo as they say over here :D
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Re: happy new year

Post by ianrs54 »

More sentimentallity - BAAAAHHH 'UMBUG. But it's gota be betterer dan 2020 :D
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David Reasoner
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Re: happy new year

Post by David Reasoner »

Thanks Russell (and Carl). Happy New Year!

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Re: happy new year

Post by granty101 »

CarlL wrote: 02 Jan 2021, 10:23 Keep sane, (Granty will point out I have passed that point, probably....)

No probably about it bonny lad!! :lol:

Happy New Year :D

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