Something for WW1 East Africa ... nice

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Something for WW1 East Africa ... nice

Post by CarlL »

Well those guys at Butlers Printed Models have produced two lovely versions of the guns from the German ship Konigsberg: one on swivel mount, other on field carriage, and as they do many scales there is something to please every WW1 East African gamer here.
Photos (below) from ad at TWW.
See ad at TWW at ... onigsberg/

where it says:
"Once the ship was destroyed the ten 4.1" guns from SMS Konigsberg were removed and converted to field guns for use in the campaign in East Africa.
Some of the guns were used in fixed positions on swivel mounts and some were mounted on specially made carriages to be mobile. The gun barrels themselves came from two locations on the Konigsberg, those from armoured turrets have a small flange on the barrel where the shield mounted.
Consequently we offer two options:
- Fixed mounting with a gun barrel without a flange
- Mobile gun on a carriage with a flange on the barrel
12mm from £1.10
15mm from £1.65
20mm from £2.50
28mm from £4.00
The models are available in most scales."

Or see BPM website at

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Re: Something for WW1 East Africa ... nice

Post by Fire-at-Will »

Definitely on my wanted list
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Re: Something for WW1 East Africa ... nice

Post by Kalinovsky »

And they are dirt cheap in 20 mm
Dave Knight
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Re: Something for WW1 East Africa ... nice

Post by Dave Knight »

A friend suggested this to the company as he has an extensive 28mmm East Africa collection. He showed me the model the other day and it does indeed look very clean and rather nice. In my imagination I thought it would be a bit bigger being a naval gun but that is probably just me showing my ignorance
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