What`s everyone up too?

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Richard B.
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What`s everyone up too?

Post by Richard B. »

My usual slow start to a new year continues, we spend most of January painting and generally cheering up the guesthouse for the new season ahead.

I have started yet another German infantry company, the first 10 are done awaiting washes and basing, but I`ll wait till the rest are painted, and then do the whole lot in one go.

Than I have some British trucks to do :D

So what is on your work benches?
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Re: What`s everyone up too?

Post by dadlamassu »

In the "next task" box is a battlegroup that I will use for my Modern Africa games - 3 x Airfix Leopards, 10 x diecast Fuchs, 3 x Airfix MBB-105 helicopters, 1 x Matcbox Alphajet, 2 x Airfix F5s an a few other diecast and plastic AFVs together wth some Revell Modern German infantry.

Sitting on the shelf to be finished off and varnished are some of the Greek Myth models.
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Re: What`s everyone up too?

Post by panzerman47 »

I’m in a bit of a “Modern...” (read 1980’s era...) phase at the minute, with some WW2 thrown in on a regular basis... 8-) last time I went Modern in 2010 I neglected my traditional home of WW2.....not this time.... ;)
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Re: What`s everyone up too?

Post by freewargamesrules »

Currenlty painting BEF and Early War German armies in 15mm for \Battlegroup Blitzkrieg
Pete Jones
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Re: What`s everyone up too?

Post by sediment »

I have;
a box of Strelets WW1 Russian Hussars for Crisis Point in April,
a troop of Team Yankee T-72s and one of Shilkas for the unofficial Battlegroup Modern rules,
a box of PSC 25 lbrs and an ambulance for Battlegroup Tobruk.

Cheers, Andy
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Re: What`s everyone up too?

Post by cartfc »

Doing some Blitzkrieg German infantry in 28mm for Norway using Warlord plastics and a few metals. Have recently finished my Kharkov ‘42/43 forces. Will post up some pics shortly. Got some civvies, Home Guard, MP’s and a car to do for a kill Churchill type scenario. Also some winter scenery to finish and a new Wargames HQ is in the pipeline.

Cheers Fred.
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Re: What`s everyone up too?

Post by Gary »

Just assembled my first vehicle for the Rag Tag Circus, an ersatz Opel Blitz along with a wrecked truck from odds n sods......Several Matchbox diecasts including a limousine and an MRAP patrol vehicle have been prepped for undercoating. Dug out an old Me 109F to be assembled.....I have an Antonov 2 to finish off too.
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Re: What`s everyone up too?

Post by Fire-at-Will »

Working on my US Stuarts and Lees ready for Battlegroup Torch (or any other system) Lees are Fabri diecast repaints and the Stuart are PSC. I'm also working on the Stuart leftovers to create some British Stuarts, Just need to create a gun and mantlet now.
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Re: What`s everyone up too?

Post by UshCha »

We have Hammerhead in March. I decided for various reasons I wanted some different terrain and wanted to do a bit of terraon based at least in part on a real world battlefield, round Lausdell, Rocherath area part of the action round the Fallaise pocket in WW2.

So I needed some tall hedge/tree linse for the roads, in 1/144 there is a lot of road/track in a small area where the battle was fought and lots of hedges. so 12 ft of hedge line done. Lots of supports needed so the 3D printer has been running for some time. This is the result. I need at least 1 more spray of green but that has to wait till I can get to the model shop.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/56805875@ ... ed-public/

Sorry but I just had one of Shipyards 10mm SF Vehicles handy for size comparison.
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Re: What`s everyone up too?

Post by Mainly28s »

I wish I could say something interesting, but I can't. All my wargames gear is packed in boxes awaiting my imminent move to a nicer house- I'll probably be out of gaming for a few months :( , what with the obvious re-decorating and such.
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