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Baueda Wargames - WW2 Skirmish Game

The SOTCW has recently received the attached from  Baueda Warhames

Claudio from BAUEDA WARGAMES here, I’m writing you because I believe you are in touch with some of the major wargame clubs in your area. We are in the last week for a funding campaign for our latest project, a WW2 skirmish with a new range of dedicated 36mm (1:48) miniatures realized as super detailed 3d models (but you can play it with any miniatures of

The game use a number of innovative mechanics to deliver fast-paced brutal action and great historical realism without ever consulting tables or any hard calculation at all. It is also different in allowing the use of even a very low figure count (3-4 models per side is sufficient to play) and a small gaming area which makes it ideal when you only have a lunch time or a short period to play. At the same time it can be easily scaled up to platoon level and even more for when you have the time to set up a larger

The rules are available to download for free together with some character cards enabling players to try it out with whatever figures they already have before purchasing.

You can find them on the website at and the campaign is at … ature-skir

I really hope you’ll find our little project interesting enough to be worth your consideration and I would be really grateful if you could drop a line to your users to alert them of this…

We already have a club level super deal in the campaign, but since we are now in the last days if someone in your club decide to take on that offer we will be happy to add to it a free limited edition hand-made battle mat and even some more free extras…  as soon as the rulebook will be published, we will establish a demo (and tournaments) team program and a beta test team program. People who will choose to participate in either or both of these programs will receive all sort of support including discounts, priority on limited edition and exclusive products and access to promotional material, so we are very keen to start groups in all major clubs and will be happy to do anything we can to support you, but hurry because there are only a couple of days left now!

For any question  feel free to contact me at or on facebook (or just google “baueda wargames” for more)

Thank you for your time!


Claudio Berni

Pete Jones
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