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Battleground Wargame show Sat'day 25Nov2017 Stockton-on-Tees & Sotcw

OK I am not sure where to post this copy of my correspondence with Leon re Sotcw and Battleground Show above (and Leon has raised it before, but I thought it merited re posting afresh).

I am posing question has any Sotcw member (members would be better) got time and passion to attend this show and fly flag of Sotcw and Twentieth Century Wargaming (and modelling and history) but not from one set of rues viewpoint?

Sadly after attending all the shows since Leon began organising them (no reflection on other efforts, its just where I came in),
I cant get there this year as otherwise I would go and also offer to do a Sotcw stand (I am in Glasgow that weekend keeping another commitment that goes back a few years longer!) We did it from our own pockets and resources last year. (Although we had help from Russell! Thanks once more.)

Over to fellow members to see if anyone can offer any input?? 

I do have some old copies of our Journal (from subs when it went colour so has a some non colour front pieces at start of sub) which hopefully could be useful if Sotcw stand present and I could try to get these there or to whoever can attend. Other bits and bobs too, like the Sotcw bookmarks and some Sotcw leaflets Russell and I copied which may still be useful. (I think I have two A4 paper copier like boxes half full of things.)


below is copy of correspondence to date apologies I havent posted it sooner been a bit busy at my end. I received it simply because I took up baton last year with Granty and SWMBO (well I like to let her think so... ouch Maggy that flying tackle hurt... only joking about the flying tackle.... wink

Hi Carl,

Thanks for the reply and apologies for that, I'd read your post on the SOTCW forum so I should have taken you off the email list.  If there's anyone else at the society who would like to come along then they're more than welcome, I'll keep a spot open for now in case there's any volunteers.



From: carl luxford <>
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Sent: Monday, 3 July 2017, 19:59
Subject: Re: Battleground 2017

Apologies Leon, I have another, prior commitment that weekend.

I am not sure what other SotCW members intend to do about raising SoTCW presence at Battleground.

On a personal note I am sorry that I cannot attend this show as my visits to the show since you began organising it, have ben enjoyable and each show has got better. Keep up the good work.

Carl Luxford
100% attendee till now as visitor and one visit under SoTCW banner.


From: Pendraken <>
Sent: 26 June 2017 21:28
To: Pendraken Miniatures
Subject: Battleground 2017

Hi everyone,

The Battleground 2017 show is taking place on Saturday 25th November at the same Queens Campus venue in Stockton-on-Tees.  I've attached the games booking form so if you can fill that in and get it back to me, I'll get you booked in and the website updated.  We're running a Free Entry promotion this year so we're hoping for a good turnout through the door.

If this email has been sent to you by mistake, or you/your club are unable to attend this year, please let me know so that I can update the games lists.

Give me a shout if there's any queries.




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Leon Pendraken
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Re: Battleground Wargame show Sat'day 25Nov2017 Stockton-on-Tees & Sotcw

I'll leave the space open for you just in case.  Even if someone just wants a single table to put flyers, Journals, etc on, we can sort that out.


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