How To: Add an image to a post using Imgur

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How To: Add an image to a post using Imgur

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This tutorial will explain how to upload a single image to and add it to a forum post.

You do not need an account at, so this is a useful option if you don't already have anywhere to upload photos. You can register at imgur, but you don't have to.

Go to and click on the arrow next to the New post button at the top of the page. Click Upload Images

Upload the image. You can drag & drop the image, or click browse your computer and choose the image from the dialogue box. It will upload automatically.

When it has finished uploading (wait until the Processing message disappears), move your mouse over the image. A bar will appear. Click the arrow next to the Copy button. Click Get share links.

Click the bottom-left Copy button, under BBCode (Forums)

Go to your forum post, and press CTRL-V (or right-click and select paste) to paste the code from your computer's clipboard to the post. The code will be something like this:

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