Winter Werfers

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Winter Werfers

Post by Fire-at-Will »

A couple of Nebelwerfers that have been lurking at the back of the painting tray finally got finished.
I had debated for a while getting the Italeri Nebelwerfer set, whenever I saw it on B&Bs, but the prices were never tempting enough. While sorting thought some figures donated by Peter B I came across a similar set, but in metal. These were painted up and then combined with a pair of Werfers that had come with some die-casts. These were fixed in the towed position so some careful cutting and glueing was needed to change them over.
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Re: Winter Werfers

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Nice Will ,good save. :D I have two boxes of these in the stash somewhere ,someday maybe. Thanks for posting , cheers John

Richard B.
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Re: Winter Werfers

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Very nice Will (love the basing), I built a set with a scratch NWE crew last year :D

I also have a complete box in the stash saved for my retirement :lol: :lol: :lol:
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