A few bits finished recently

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A few bits finished recently

Post by Fire-at-Will »

Firstly the PSC Panzer IIIs I acquired cheaply at Britcon completed as mid/late war in winter.

A miscast EWM Light Dragon tractor repaired with PSC maultier tracks (thanks Ian) and behind a Ready to Roll Humber light reconnaissance car.

A pair of Airfix sdkfz 222s with PSC turrets added the front one is old and the rear one brand new.

Another rescue from the EWM miscast bin. it started as the hull for a Panzer 35t, and transformed into a Romanian TACAM R2.

The superstructure is from a PSC Marder, which is quite similar plus plasticard additions, the gun is a PSC ZIS-3
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Richard B.
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Re: A few bits finished recently

Post by Richard B. »

Great to see you back Will

Nice works on all these, love the recovered stuff :D
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Re: A few bits finished recently

Post by CarlL »

Lovely work Will. Like the TACAM R2 conversion.

David Reasoner
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Re: A few bits finished recently

Post by David Reasoner »

What Carl said. The TACAM R-2 conversion is a really ingenious use of spare bits.


bannockburn bhoy
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Re: A few bits finished recently

Post by bannockburn bhoy »

Genius at work Will..lovely kit , thanks for posting. cheers John

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