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A while ago I paid for AOTRS Shipyards to do me an Iltis Jeep in 1/144 so I could print it on my own printer. I did have a promise for the price of the commision I could have at least 1 variation. I found a few pictures of the Iltis with a Milan. Not sure if it's German but a good enough excuse for me to put it in my army. This is particularly as the Forward Edge of Battle is my favorite place and this is Ideal for hit and run. Its not on general release but If anybody wanted a few I am sure if you mentioned me he would do some before the official release. ... ed-public/

I have to say the picture does nor really do it justice they always look better in real life. I insisted on crew as I hate empty open vehicles they just look daft on the wargames table.

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Re: ILTIS Milan

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Quite nice :)

My 1980/90s Spanish battlegroup has an M113 w/Milan which dismounts into two weapon teams/squads
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Re: ILTIS Milan

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I like the idea of giving us scale with the 50p coin under the model.

Lovely work, but I think my eyesight isnt up to such detail!


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