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Posted: 13 Jul 2020, 07:38
by Adler Leon
This has been a almost two year project ( I don't get a lot of hobby time, can sometime be a 6 month gap
between airbrushing sessions) and its a bit of a long story but thought it was worth telling as I reckon its
not untypical of many of an experience had by us all.
Well this started as a simple idea. I wanted a Brummbar, I love Brummbars, mid/late period with open
hatches and zimmeret. I had spare metal rimmed wheels from a Dragon Pz IV/70 and some MG ball
mounts to use to make a late period model. Had a look around, Dragon kits unavailable ( and no zim) the
Trumpeter kits have sealed hatches and again no zim.

Found the Esci kit, a reworking of their old Pz IV kit and well reviewed, only major mod needed was add-
ing zimmeret.

So got the kit and couldn’t resist an after market aluminium barrel.

Job done.

Opened up the kit, nice moulding, excellent hull detail, lower chassis ok.
Tracks looked ok...........till I noticed lousy inside detail. No problem had a set of the lovely OKB tracks I
had bought for a Nashorn project.
Fine look brill. Oops, the drive sprocket /idler don’t fit the tracks. Wrong tooth interval.
No problem get the OKB Pz IV replacement sprockets set.
Right on to assembly of the chassis. Bugger the Dragon steel rimmed wheels bigger than the Esci ones so
scrap the late version.

On to the zimmeret coating.
Once construction completed given a base coat spray of dunkel gelb.
Now the next problem, the scurzen are very basic and way too thick, brackets leave a bit to be desired.
Right off to Hauler to get a new etched set and while at get some new fenders/mudguards.
Handsome, only problem no brackets or rail included, didn’t look before buying.
More scrap box delving and some scratch building to be done.

First airbrush session, painted the schurzen as separate parts, all fine.
Dry run of fitting the skirts.............camo patterns didn’t match at all.
Clean the paint off and re do.

This time skirts fitted and body wrapped in cling film to prevent over spray to make sure it was right this
time round.

Re-sprayed the skirts and this time got it correct.

Sprayed with AK semi gloss varnish and decals added. Various panel washes done, overall general wash

Applied. Tools painted and some basic weathering with pastels and finally some mud/dry mud added to
the bottom of the skirts and tracks.

I’ll leave it to others to decide if the end result was worth it all.









Re: Brummbar

Posted: 13 Jul 2020, 07:58
by CarlL
Its a labour of love and quite a beautiful finished model.

You did say you were bringing out your own in 20mm and 6mm didn't you? (quickly dive for cover in bunker..) ;)

Hope you get time to enjoy playing with this model on tabletop.

Wasn't this one a post Stalingrad development after the street fighting there?


Re: Brummbar

Posted: 13 Jul 2020, 09:10
by Adler Leon
Hello Carl,
Yes it was a way of getting more mobile and protected firepower for street fighting rather than relying on the towed howitzers.
Nooooooooooooooo I'm not delving into vehicles thank you! ( and no bunker is proof against a Brummbar lol).

Re: Brummbar

Posted: 13 Jul 2020, 11:09
by Richard B.

Amazing work mate :o fantastic painting and hand applied zimerite (you are bonkers :roll: )

The final effect is brilliant :D :D :D :D :D :D :D