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Re: Show Us Your Recycled Toys!

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@CarlL... I think on your side of the pond what I call a wash, you refer to as a filter. So...

First, I really, really thin down some dark brown (umber) ink or acrylic paint and then I dab that weak wash in areas where I want rust. When the wash is almost completely dry I lightly dab around the same areas with a cloth or paper towel.

Second, I use an old, stubby, small brush with just the slightest amount of any rust colored acrylic paint (reddish or organgish), and very, very lightly dab the paint in areas where I want rust to show. Then I dab at the paint with a slightly damp finger, either dipped in a container of water or with good 'ole saliva. I continue to dab with my finger, periodically wiping it on a paper towel, until I have enough paint removed (or remaining, depending on your point of view). This is a relatively easy, but finicky, process; as it is very easy to lift off too much of the rust colored paint. (Just as easy to add back-in a bit more paint if you lift off too much.)

Third, sometimes after the rust colored paint has completely dried, I'll go back and dab in a brown wash or a rust wash depending on the detail. I did use a third step wash around the hinges on the back doors of the ambulance conversion.

Any bare metal I want to show thru is almost always painted before the rust washes.
Sand, dirt, dust, and mud are typically applied before, and once in a while after, the rust washes. Its very easy to weather-out, aka overpaint, your rust so I tend to apply the rust after the other weathering.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Show Us Your Recycled Toys!

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Cheers Bilk.

I have made attempts with rust before but usually to big areas like a corrugated iron roof or a metal water tower etc., so hearing how you achieved these smaller but distinctly rust like appearance is really useful.
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