FS: Lots of Unpainted 20mm Bandera/Hotspur SCW

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FS: Lots of Unpainted 20mm Bandera/Hotspur SCW

Post by Coconuts »

I'm having a bit of a clear out of stuff due to downsizing. I found a lot of Bandera/Hotspur SCW figures I never got around to painting. Here they are:

Unpainted 20mm metal Bandera/Hotspur Spanish Civil War figures.

Nationalists and Italians:

25 Nationalist infantry in mixed poses. Includes LMG team and 2 officer figures.
23 Moorish infantry in mixed poses and headgear (fezes and turbans). Includes LMG team.
23 Italian infantry in mixed poses and helmets (6 M33, 9 Adrian helmets). Includes 2 LMG teams and 4 officers.
7 Italian gun crew in field caps.
3 2 man Italian LMG teams in Adrian helmets.
Italian Fiat Revelli MMG and 3 crew
2 man Italian radio team.
(90 figures/pieces) £16.00 for the lot.

Republicans and International Brigades:

22 International Brigades riflemen in mixed headgear. Includes 1 LMG team.
26 Republican infantry in mixed headgear (Adrian helmets, caps, Spanish helmet)
7 officers in peaked caps/berets.
1 3 man Maxim MMG team
10 gun crew figures (6 are Irregular miniatures figures)
45mm A/T gun (Irregular, I think)
1 resin/metal Bilbao Armoured car kit
1 metal Trubia tank kit.
(69 figures, 1 gun, 2 vehicle kits) £13.00

Both lots for £28.00

If you are interested in the figures please send me a message or an email to bonguiswest@gmail.com

I prefer payment by Paypal. Postage is extra and charged at cost. For reference I am in the UK.

Thanks for looking.
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Re: FS: Lots of Unpainted 20mm Bandera/Hotspur SCW

Post by CarlL »

I would love to give them a new home and a lick of paint!
Email sent to you.
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