Lookin' fer - various WWII +

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Lookin' fer - various WWII +

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Hello All, as the subject line says... lookin' fer the items listed below.

1:76 - 1:72 - 20mm

SHQ GV10 MG Motorcycle Combos, unbuilt
Blitz (Battlefield) - Moroccan Goumiers, prefer unpainted
PSC - metal DAK, prefer unpainted
Matchbox Daimler Dingo Scout Car, unbuilt
Various Armored Cars and Light / Medium Trucks suitable for 1940-43

1:87 AFVs and Softskins
prefer unbuilt/unpainted
Artmaster #80580 M18 Hellcat TDs, resin
Artitec M18 Hellcat TD, resin
Artitec M10 Wolverine TDs, resin
Alsacast M3A1 White Scout Cars, resin
Alsacast SdKfz 231, 233, 221, and 222 ACs, resin
Preiser SdKfz 11 plastic
Preiser SdKfz 11 open-topped, plastic
Preiser SdKfz 11 Engineer version, plastic
Preiser SdKfz 11 Engineer version open-topped, plastic
Roco/ Herpa Horch Utility Car (new), plastic
Roco/ Herpa US CCKW 2 1/2t truck, plastic
Trident Sdkfz 250 alt variants, plastic
Trident M18 Hellcat TD, metal
EKO #2091 Fordson Light Truck, plastic
…other interesting 1/87 AFVs and Softskins

N-scale / 10-12mm Structures prefer unbuilt/unpainted
Pola or Atlas, N Scale L-shaped Stone Engine House
…other buildings suitable for North Africa and Southern France

1:100 aircraft no particular manufacturer
unpainted or in the color schemes noted
Feisler Storch tropical camo, JU-87 tropical camo, HS-129, Spitfires in desert camo w/US markings, P40 in desert camo w/US markings, Douglass A20 Havoc w/US markings

1/100 aircraft Die Cast Franklin Mint – Collection Armour aka Metal Armor

#5313, 5318: U.S. Spitfires in desert camo scheme
#5311, 5312: U.K. Spitfires in desert camo scheme
#5397: U.K. P40 Kittyhawk in desert camo scheme
#5334, 5332: Fw-190 in desert camo scheme
#5301: Me-109 in desert camo scheme
#5355, 5352: Ju-87 in desert camo scheme
#5361: P-38 “Marge”
#5371: P-38 “Norma”

1:100/15mm aircraft from the Axis & Allies Angels20 gameset

Fw190 Afrika Korps
Bf109F Friedrich
Fw190A Channel Front
Fw190A Wurger
P40c Flying Tiger
FM1 Wildcat
Navy F4U Corsair
Typhoon Interceptor
D.520 Ace

1:100/15mm or thereabouts
prefer unbuilt/unpainted
Coastal and Patrol craft (PT Boats, E Boats, MTBs, caiques, motor launches, small freighters)

Osprey Books
North American Indian Tribes of the Great lakes
Tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy
American Indians of the Southwest
American Indians of the Pacific Northwest

Have many trade goods, mostly WWII in 1/72, 1/76, and 1/87 scales with some 15mm odds 'n ends, and Paypal.
Please email me at wargaming@aol.com to discuss things.
Illinois, USA
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Re: Lookin' fer - various WWII +

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