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Zona Hostil

Posted: 30 Aug 2020, 09:18
by Richard B.
Channel surfing last night (as you do) and came across this 2017 Spanish movie based on a real even in Afghanistan is 2012 ... -19552738/

Afghanistan. August 2012. A US convoy escorted by the Spanish Legion explodes a mine, wounding two US soldiers. The inexperienced Lieutenant Conte (Raúl Mérida) is in command of a crew to protect the wounded until they are evacuated. Medical captain Varela (Ariadna Gil) comes to the rescue in a helicopter. But the terrain gives way and the helicopter capsizes, leaving everyone trapped in the middle of nowhere. Now it's time to rescue the wounded, the soldiers, the medical battalion and the downed aircraft. The task is not easy, every minute counts and danger lurks in the middle of a fight with the Afghan insurgents.

Now modern warfare isn`t my thing as far as wargaming is concerned, but we all like a good action movie :D Weapons, uniforms and equipment are all spot on and first rate. The acting an action is well done and apart from some of the language which was just far too fast for me to accurately follow with my hesitant Spanish, I thoroughly enjoyed it. No mock heroics - though the Legionnaires did their prayer to La Muerta when they thought it was their last stand. Tiger attack helos, Chinooks doing their thing - really impressive.

Re: Zona Hostil

Posted: 30 Aug 2020, 15:52
by CarlL
Thanks for the link and review!
Dont get square eyes before you have chance to paint, game or relax walking in sunshine!!