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Conflicts and wars in the 21st century.
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Re: air wars

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Been loitering but real world keeps interfering with hobby time!

Scramble! That's the errant ruleset......

On the hobby front I have been trying out some of the 3d print models, several sources on EBay as well as Butlers Printed Models, so adding to my French 1940 forces and BRDM's for the Warpac some D30 guns from S&S too, cheap Humvees and Opel Blitz trucks from China and tackling the model kit stash- mostly trucks for modern Western forces. Got some more modern Russians via Ebay (Underfire Minis) to base and prep for painting and a couple of Polish Star trucks (Deagostini diecasts) from a place in Madrid........can't have enough sort transport!
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Re: air wars

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Thanks Gringo ...I just knew you must have been fishing...glad all is well with you Gary, get some posts and links on here for us lesser lucky...John
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Re: air wars

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I am using almost exclusively 1/600th scale aircraft now, i still have a collection of 1/300th, but they get less 'airtime'.

Tumbling Dice, Odzmials Amy, and a few from Shapeways, which are all good in my opinion, but I am not an uber modeller.

I publish my own rules, which seem to get pretty good press: ... rs_id=7312

No stands, height is abstracted into manouver capability and SA is key, if you can't spot something , or lose sight of it it can get tricky.

Hope this is useful - haven't been on the forum for ages, so sorry for late posting

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