Secnario Inspiration

Conflicts and wars from the end of the Second World War to the end of the 20th century.
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Secnario Inspiration

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This has proved a superb inspiration for scenarios. It's a training Video. identified by a TMP member

We set up 2 roads through a wood with a couple of low weight roads connecting them. The roads need to be significantly apart so one position cannot cover both roads. Roads go for about 44 tonne for the main and probably not more than 10 tonne for the cross routes.
We class the going in the wood as difficult so getting stuck is a possibility and firing can only be done stationary in the wood. as you don't want the gun banging into trees. Obviously you can fire straight down the road with no issue as it represents good going. Thecknicaly the road will have about 2m clear of the metaled surface so it may be possible on the small tracks for vehicles to pass and ot push dead vehicles off the surfaced road.

The defender 1 platoon then places the 1/2 section, section and platoon ambush positions. Using some limited wire and mines.

The defender marks on the map where his forces are. If you have to use dummy's you need at least 3 dummies to every real force. Half a dozen FDF's per-registered at call.

The defender gets a platoon with positions dug in at all three phases and the attacker will need probably at least 2 companies of say BMP1's possibly and some Artillery support.

This is a more complex scenario than it looks for the defender, when to pull out if the enemy make dissimilar progress along the two routes ia key issue. For the attacker its critical to make sure you hold the road you take. Its is possible for the defender to sneak back and/or hide till some elements have gone past.

You need a plausible time scale for the battle to make the enemy push forward. However if the enemy is too slow it can leave him vulnerable to additional ambushes.

Makes an exciting game on both sides, as there is no one perfect strategy.

The rules will need something like a reserve move, our rules have its Fast mode.

Have played this at 1/72 and 1/144 obviously better at 1/144 as the ground depicted is larger and sheer size is a gain to the defender and adds complexity for both sides, we also added a 5 tonne road just to make the engineering more fun.

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