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African Militia unit for under a tenner

Posted: 05 Oct 2018, 18:07
by dadlamassu
Young Alan, our eldest son decided to try out a game called Spectre and bought a team of special forces chaps. I must say I was not really interested in starting up a new "period" as I had lots of modern figures and no interest in wargaming current operations.

I cocked up an order during the Warlord Miniatures sprue sale a month or so ago and bought 6 sprues of Natal Native Contingent in error. No idea how I managed it. So I stuck them in the spares box.

Young Alan is coming home on leave from the army this weekend (late tonight) and wanted to try out the game but said he lacked some "enemy" figures. So I had a look and my stock of suitable figures was close to zero. Then I remembered that in the order were some Zombie Survivor weapons sprues and a well stocked spares box might be combined with them. With only two evenings and one afternoon available the £6 worth of Natal Native Contingent turned into a 24 man unit of African Militia. And probably the cheapest 24 man Unit in my collection of 28mm miniatures at under a tenner!

The backbone of any insurgency is the AK-47 wielding fighter, so ...

Five insurgents including Qokha Qolah Khan in the green cap.


Another five led by Spir Chuqah


They are supported by some "recruits" who have provided their own weapons


And the ubiquitous RPG-7 and LMG for fire support


And some commanders and specialists - Sergeant with sniper rifle, sergeant, "engineer", Officer


Quite pleased with the very rushed results.

Re: African Militia unit for under a tenner

Posted: 05 Oct 2018, 18:19
by cartfc
Very nice and what a bargain. I managed a similar thing a few years ago when I was sorting out odds and sods of figures picked up as samples or with job lots of figures where most had been used for some other project. Also moderns and a real mixed bag. Painted them up as a modern “expendable” mercenary unit. Looked good and useful for lots of scenarios.

Cheers Fred.