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This weeks game.

Posted: 20 Sep 2018, 09:13
by UshCha
Here is a pic of our game this week. Something unusual for me,
a slightly random allocation of tasks. ... ed-public/ ... ed-public/

Its the end because Paul knew he could get across by this point and so did I so the fun had finnished but it was a superb game full of action and suspence. The pics are poor as it was really to keep a record of the terrain as it was a bit deiifrent to the map (which I forgot) but was in hind sight better than the map. definitely one to play again sometime.

Defender gets 3 possible tasks,

1) Defend the Major road against all commers and try and keep a bit of the board under observation.
2) moderate security on the major road but equally key keep the rest of the sector under observation, and repuls intruders provided its relatively low risk.
3) watch the sector and if anything nasty appears scream for help.


1) clear the road for movement of soft vehicles.
2) Get a company of tanks and its supporting infantry across anywhere in the sector with minimal losses.
3) Get a pair of reconnisance vehicels through the sector WITHOUT losing one.

We drew defender (2) and attaker (2) by die. We both failed I did not keep all of the sector under observation when I could have. The attacker failed as there was a loss free pass through due to my deployment. A great one to try, might just work on an 8 by 6 table at 20mm.

The tasks sre set up so that the players can bluff about what their task is. The only problem is it may be a bit Maneouver Group centric, you do have to be able to get kit across table fast if it has a safe route, many games do seem to ignore this effect,

Re: This weeks game.

Posted: 20 Sep 2018, 21:18
by CarlL
Ush Cha,
I like the photos but I like your description of the player tasks even more !!

I seemed to wonder off task with the arrow buttons on flickr took myself to older photos!

Did you make the pressed up wire barrier from a mould or literally press some wire together? Or rings? I was trying to imagine size of those wire barriers in real mm / cm given you play with 1/144 afvs. 1 cm tall? I found it quite disorientating trying to work it out... must be tiredness after long day at work and a crazy drive home through flooded roads in Sheffield area. (Another opening for Granty... lets hope he doesn't notice! :) )


Re: This weeks game.

Posted: 21 Sep 2018, 07:36
by UshCha
They are abpout 10mm tall incluing the base so ideal for 1/144. Manufacture was by 3D Print. But unusually due to the large amount of thin material a two piece job base and wire but assemply was simple no triming required.

Re: This weeks game.

Posted: 21 Sep 2018, 19:35
by hammurabi70
Interesting. Is the hex-based terrain purely for battlefield building or are they used within the rules for distance measurement?

Re: This weeks game.

Posted: 21 Sep 2018, 19:48
by UshCha
Hex terrain is purely for hills. I have no love of hex terrain in any other form. Personally I tolerate the hex hills because of its unique flexibility. I think the linear hex features looks daft and certainly modeling road networks based on maps is way off. Hence everything else is laid on top, card roads, they are infinitely variable in length as you can put one under another and the bends can be done if a little faceted, by having one end curved. Wood base material is Angel hair a fibrous material very cheap and will drape well over some hills. I only use hex for 1/144mm as building higher hills would cost too much and take to long to set up. For 1/72 we use our own design card fold flat hills, reasonable flexibility of configuration, fast build and relatively cheap and of course minimal storage space required.

Re: This weeks game.

Posted: 03 Oct 2018, 13:40
by hammurabi70
I think the linear hex features looks daft
I agree, which is why offset squares or just squares seem a better solution.

Re: This weeks game.

Posted: 05 Oct 2018, 19:02
by UshCha
To me squares would look just as daft. A hedge /road line/edhe of wood needs to look sensible and have credible curves and angles. Any road built into a terrain tile is going to look daft. I can put up with the hex for the hills, it adds some coloure but linear features need a much more flexible representation than any tile system can achieve. Plus try copying a real world map using just tiles, it fails miserably at any scale. Something like hex lets you model appropriate military crest lines bette than isolated hill pieces (but not altitudes) but often that is not that key if its rolling terrain. However road systems are way to hard to model tile wise.