Korean War

Conflicts and wars from the end of the Second World War to the end of the 20th century.
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Korean War

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I am planning a Korean War project at the club. My preferred size is 6mm and my normal supplier is Heroics & Ros. H&R have told me that they do not currently have adequately accurate figures for this, for which I would need to use the WWII ranges. Irregular Miniatures do post-war period generic armies, which would seem to be on a par with the H&R offering. Is there a supplier out there who does 6mm Korean War troops that I have overlooked? I have also checked 2mm/3mm without finding anything appropriate.

On the assumption that I need to look elsewhere I have in mind shifting to the Pendraken collection, which provide good coverage with excellent figures but are a larger scale. A number of points arise.

The Korean campaign was distinct between summer and very cold winters. The manoeuvre section of the war was in the early part of the war and the latter part of the war was mainly static linear defence warfare. The UN forces seem to have been limited in the provision of winter attire, especially during the first winter, so it would seem reasonable to have them in standard uniform. The Chinese intervention was principally in winter weather so it might seem logical to have them in winter clothing. This presents a dilemma. Is it sensible to have one army in summer gear and one in winter gear? With all Korean troops available in summer uniform only, the temptation must be to use summer uniform universally. Obtaining troops in BOTH summer and winter clothing is NOT an option!

Having chosen the figures the next query is which uniform colour from the range of Vallejo paints. With five different armies there will be a need for five different colours. Which is the right one for each army?

South Korean: ?
USA (summer): VAL 889 Olive Drab?
British (tropical): VAL 866 Grey Green?
North Korean: VAL 879 Green Brown?
Chinese (summer): VAL 954 Yellow Green?
Chinese (winter): ?

Then there is the issue of colours for vehicles too. For the British I gather VAL897 Bronze Green would be right. What about other armies?

Observations, suggestions and recommendations would be welcome.
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