Norwegian 1940 Gun Trucks

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David Reasoner
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Norwegian 1940 Gun Trucks

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As requested elsewhere on the forum, a couple of photos of Norwegian gun trucks from the 1940 campaign.

First, an ex-naval 37mm (1-pdr) Hotchkiss revolving cannon being inspected by a German soldier:


The second is another ex-naval piece, a 65mm Cockerill with a damaged muzzle, perhaps the result of being spiked before capture:



Richard B.
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Re: Norwegian 1940 Gun Trucks

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Cheers david :D
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Re: Norwegian 1940 Gun Trucks

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Cheers David, I haven't seen those photos before. :)

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Re: Norwegian 1940 Gun Trucks

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Interesting. Now thinking of ways of adding one to my 28mm Norwegians.

Cheers Fred.

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