Rommel vs de Gaulle

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Rommel vs de Gaulle

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This Christmas a few SOTCW regulars and I gathered virtually to play out a fictional May 1940 encounter battle between Rommel's 7th Panzer Division and de Gaulle's 4th Division Cuirassée de Reserve. We used the TacWW2 rules (old but still good) and used Discord to facilitate communications between player commanders and on-table plotters.


It was a mammoth session; 1030 to 1700 in real life and 0600 to 0920 in-game. Seemed to work well for all the players and we two plotters/umpires enjoyed ourselves knowing what was happening but dribbling partial information through the communications channels!

You can find my write up of the day here:

https://thelandofcounterpane.blogspot.c ... aulle.html

I wish all of you a happy and safe New Year!

Richard C
Richard B.
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Re: Rommel vs de Gaulle

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very cool rich, will sir a read the whole thing through later :D
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Re: Rommel vs de Gaulle

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Rich, (good to see you posting here)
Great link.
Lovely game (I do relish your command of computer/ Drizzle and map making on your mac, perhaps one day night schools will be re-invented for computer illiterates like me!), and great photos and descriptions of the game. And well done the players and umpires. All reminds me of my few games of Kriegspiel.

One question eluded me: did you use 10mm or 6mm tanks!!

CarlL (formerly of south Yorkshire and now of north Yorkshire!)
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Re: Rommel vs de Gaulle

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CarlL wrote: 31 Dec 2020, 09:13
CarlL (formerly of south Yorkshire and now of north Yorkshire!)
What have I told you before about wandering off!! :lol:

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