Changing scales - 15mm or 28mm?

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Re: Changing scales - 15mm or 28mm?

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No - headache, temperature, aching muscles, no sense of smell or taste..... :D

(Not really)

Just for once you were right..
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Re: Changing scales - 15mm or 28mm?

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petej wrote: 21 Apr 2020, 23:16
CarlL wrote: 21 Apr 2020, 22:41 If you are thinking 15mm then why not 10mm?
I off-loaded my 10mm collection several years ago (sorry, I should have said that in my original post).

If you are working up the scales perhaps you should just short-cut now to 54mm; it is growing in popularity!
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Re: Changing scales - 15mm or 28mm?

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Well I have always been contentious. I would say neither. Personally my opinion is 1/144. It's actually significantly smallet than tru 15mm (which I assume is about 1:100 well a 5ft man would be at a scale of 1:111 a 6 ft ma it would be 1:120 so looks like the foilk have got even that wrong.
At 1/144 A 6 ft man would be 12mm plus clothes and hat. !5mm is OK to me but as all "mm" figure the designers seem to have a problem with actually understanding it should relate to a scale and scale creep is often an issue. 3D prints seem to be done by folk with a skill unknown to manual sculpter, the ability to create scale models. Certainly 28mm is more about the models than the game its just too big to make other than a very few figures on the table before it looks farcical in my opinion. Its about what you want. 1/300 is too small for me. OK for tanks (just) but I like to turn turrets/guns as it is part oif credible formations and at 6mm its too fiddley for me. Plus even getting tanks down and over scale (at 1/1300) urban road is again too fiddley for me.

We (Maneouvre Group Authors) bought bits of all scales 20mm, 15mm. 1/144 and 1/300 and then decided badsed on what was needed what scale to pick. Nothing like having bits in your hand to get an idea of playability and what scale the minis reall are in some cases.
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