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WWI: Naval War 1914

Posted: 28 Dec 2019, 22:46
by hammurabi70
Without wanting to post all of You Tube that might be of interest, there has been interest in various forums for the following:

Re: WWI: Naval War 1914

Posted: 30 Dec 2019, 09:20
by Richard B.
Thanks for the link

In order to assist (weight wise) with the move to Spain I butchered all my Miniature Wargames, Wargames illustrated magazines, just rmoving interesting C20th articles and scenarios

I find I have now literally dozens of articles on early naval in a folder, this may be a future project :D

Re: WWI: Naval War 1914

Posted: 01 Jan 2020, 18:38
by bannockburn bhoy
Happy New Year everybody...Richard The Naval Warfare Society is mostly forum...on line magazine is sporadic.
It does give you access to the archive for All guns blazing magazine which has tons of reference material and at a cost of £4 per annum its really good for what it is...cheers John All the best and good luck with the move to you and yours Richard :D :D :D

Re: WWI: Naval War 1914

Posted: 03 Jan 2020, 14:23
by Richard B.
cheers John

Actually Playing a wargame here today - Faid, Tunisia January 30- 3rd Feb 1943 :D