Captain Shakespear - a new book

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Captain Shakespear - a new book

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You may have already seen this advertised elsewhere, my wife saw it in "Geographical" magazine, November 2019, pages 66-71, (short article with many interesting b&w photos) advertising this new book entitled:
Captain Shakespear: Desert Exploration, Arabian Intrigue and the Rise of Ibn Sa'ud, author Alan Dillon, published by Medina Publishing at £25 hardback (cant see how many pages etc you get for your bucks / pounds), but RGS-IBG members can get a discount at (using code RGS offer) which gets you book for £20 and post free saving about £8 in total (£5 off book and free P&P).

There was an earlier book, from circa 1978, entitled: "Captain Shakespear: A Portrait" by H.V.F. Winstone, about this soldier, (lieutenant with 17th Bengal Lancers), who became Political Officer with Indian Raj, overseeing British interests in Persia and Arabia.

This new biography is by another former soldier and diplomat, Alan Dillon.

Captain Shakespear met his death at age of 36 (in 1915?) while accompanying King Abdulaziz into battle againts the Rashidi (in Sa'ud creation of Saudi Arabia) due to accidental "friendly fire". Unlike Lawrence, Shakespear preferred to wear his military uniform, usually khaki battledress, and pith helmet; and it is said he only once donned Arab clothing, to avoid detection by Turk and hostile Arab forces. He was an accomplished horseman and also competent camel rider; and a keen Arabist it appears, and he learnt and adopted Bedouin falconry and hunting with pack of Saluki hounds.

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Re: Captain Shakespear - a new book

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sounds like an interesting guy :)
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Re: Captain Shakespear - a new book

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CarlL wrote: 22 Nov 2019, 14:41 and he learnt and adopted Bedouin falconry and hunting with pack of Saluki hounds.

All of which still goes on in Carls neck of the woods!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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