SCW propaganda poster

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Richard B.
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SCW propaganda poster

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Whilst browsing the stalls at the regular Sunday collectors market in Alicante town hall square local I came across a collection of SCW propaganda art pieces (A4 sized). It was only when I examined them I saw they were actually sets of stamps (on the reverse), now I guess they are reprints of originals, but the art was striking and I on impulse bought the one I liked best -
This one now hangs on the wall above my PC :D
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Re: SCW propaganda poster

Post by CarlL »

Great piece of artwork history, Richard.

Now if you scan it, resize it, (kids will show you how... cheeky me.. mine showed me how to use Adobe photoshop!) and copy and paste into a document you could print smaller version to stick on buildings and side of armoured lorries in your SCW collection!!

Stamps can be great source for icons and other images, for adorning church walls, battle flags, etc..

Great find.
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