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new "Arab" mdf buildings from GC Minis in USA

Posted: 11 Apr 2019, 18:12
by CarlL
Well these models in TWW ad look good, but it appears these models come unpainted, so beware what you see is not what you get; although helpfully there is a link to finishing / painting these model mdf buildings at ...

The photos below come from the TWW ad at




The buildings are aimed at 28mm scale and sold as Middle Eastern, but could be useful from Morocco to Afghanistan or the former Soviet / Tsarist Muslim provinces (all now independent) or Saharan and Somali games. They also do many other buildings, aimed at other situations, from Afghanistan to Europe. See link below to buildings / trader.

The link to traders website is where you will find prices.

I am not familiar with 28mm prices but if these are for unpainted buildings then many seem they are not competitive prices?