Butlers Toldi Hungarian tanks

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Butlers Toldi Hungarian tanks

Post by CarlL »

Butlers Printed Models has produced resin models of
38M Toldi I or II
38M Toldi IIa
38M Toldi III


6mm is £0.55 GBP
12mm is £1.75 GBP
15mm is £2.50 GBP
20mm is £5.00 GBP
28mm is £12.50 GBP

Photo from TMP at http://theminiaturespage.com/news/?id=2107347359
or see https://www.butlersprintedmodels.co.uk/

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Re: Butlers Toldi Hungarian tanks

Post by Phil_Gray_260 »

3d printing is certainly interesting.

I don't know if its better to go for the smaller or larger scale stuff when it comes to how the finish affects the detail though.

I picked up some of his pieces in 28mm, which were very reasonably pricedin comparison to metal or resin or plastic - from memory I got a couple of Soviet ATGs (57 and 76),heavy mortars, a truck and an M3 medium tank. At around the same time I also got a resin cast M3 medium from Blitzkrieg.

From what I've seen the Blitzkrieg M3 model does a better job of catching the curves of the original then Butler, but there's really not much to divide the Butler GAZ truck from the Force of Arms GAZ trucks I have, as they're bot pretty angular items.

I'd guess in 6mm the differences become less obvious when on the tabletop...
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