Italian Desert Patrol WW2

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Italian Desert Patrol WW2

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Alerted by news item on PSR website, I popped over to Strelets website (at ) to see images of the masters of yet to be released Strelets set M154, Italian Desert Patrol. If you follow the link, you will find 12 based figures, 13 if you count the two figures pondering over a map spread between them on the floor. (And a very nice cameo this base provides!)
There are some great figures for use in command groups or look out / scouting roles, but I think there are too many inactive poses, (five in all), who look like extras from a film set waiting for action to begin. There is an interesting (but not sure how useful) pose, of kneeling soldier filling two water bottles from a flimsy type can. (I am not sure what style can the Italians used for water on trucks etc.? If its the German 'jerry can' then its not portrayed here. If its a simple flimsy can, like the British used, then this could be it.)
Be warned the colour of the modelling putty / plastic - bright pink - is a bit hard on the eyes!!
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Re: Italian Desert Patrol WW2

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I'll be sharing a pack with a mate, they'll add some variety to my Italian army
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