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IBG Models

Post by Phil_Gray_260 »

http://en.ibg.com.pl/en,kategoria,scale ... e,asc.html

While browsing youtube I came across a couple of reviews of this company's models, nice mix of models - AFVs/ softskins, what looks like a comprehensive range of
  • Hungarian (Turan I-II-III, Zrinyi I-II, Toldi I-II-IIA-III),
  • Japanese (89 Kou, 89 Otsu, Type 94 tankette - with or without trailer 0 in MG and 37mm, Chi-He, Chi-Nu, Ho-I, Chi-Nu Kai,)
  • Swedish tanks (M38-39-40K-40L),
  • German (Pz IIa1-a2-a3-b-A, PzIIIA-B, StuG III prototype, Pz IVA-B)
  • British (Crusader I-II-III, IIIIAA-I IIIAA-II, Cruiser A9-A9 CS-A10 1A) tanks
Prices range from around 8 up to13 euro, though most are between 8.5-10.5.

Sample reviews:
Type 2 Ho-I from IBG Models in 1/72 - TE Modelling Video #7: https://youtu.be/79tkC_GRqnA
IBG Models 1/72 Crusader Mk.I (72065) Review: https://youtu.be/brdonsboxhc

What caught my eye is how they approach the track sections - these have the whole track run and one face of the road wheels as a single piece moulding, the idlers, sprockets and the other face of the road wheels are separate items.
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Re: IBG Models

Post by Fire-at-Will »

Regrettably more expensive in the UK and now more difficult and costly to import directly :cry: :cry:
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Re: IBG Models

Post by sandsmodels »

a local model shop sent me a £5 off voucher and i saw the scammell tank trans on offer so i bought one, nice model and better than the old airfix one but still lots of parts, hopefully i can make it one day :roll:
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