something different from Shellhole

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something different from Shellhole

Post by CarlL »

Over on TWW Shellhole have following advert: see ... t-release/
or see ... cg-s307-f/

"G-V-33 7.5cm Pak40 Auf Somua MCG S307 (f) £12.50
Selbstfahrlafette fur 7.5cm PaK40 auf Somua MCG S307(f) -- a German self-propelled PaK 40 based on captured French Somua halftracks. A few of these were used by the 21st Panzer Division around Caen in Normandy in 1944."

From where this imagre has been borrowed.

Certainly something different if perhaps (from my limited knowledge) tied to Normandy campaign? I do like Shellholes resin and metal combo models.
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Re: something different from Shellhole

Post by ianrs54 »

Yes 21st Panzer Div I think, Normandy campaign
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Re: something different from Shellhole

Post by Richard B. »

Yes very cool :D as ian says (above) one of the Becker conversions used by 21st PD

I recently came across a white painted one of these reported as captured in the Ardennes in 1944/45!! :shock:

Now I hadn`t even known any survived after the beating the Germans took in Normandy :o :o :o But someone then posted a returns list for December `44 and 21st Panzer had a number (14 or so) listed as part of the Panzer Grenadier Regiment TO&E......

You learn something knew everyday :D

Then Ian Clunie posted images of this beauty, so I may be forced to buy one for my ad hoc late war battlegroup - as you do :D :D :D
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