something missed - WW1 gun & colonial crew

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something missed - WW1 gun & colonial crew

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I missed this one recently on TMP see ad at
Where it notes:
"Something for the WWI and Interwar colonial fans: a 4.52 howitzer, including its limber and ammunition limber, and, of course, crew in colonial uniforms with Wolseley pith helmets."
from where I borrowed the following two photos.
Brilliant work / models, well done "Empress Miniatures" (this from a man who doesn't do 28mm!)
For further details see ... m-14-c.asp
Richard B.
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Re: something missed - WW1 gun & colonial crew

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They do some wonderful stuff :D
"“Sir with the compliments of my officer, your shooting was excellent – you killed four of our men”!
Un-named Traillieur to an artillery officer at R`Fakah, Morocco, Feb. 29th, 1908
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