Battlegroup Market Garden Weekend

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Battlegroup Market Garden Weekend

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Battlegroup Market Garden Campaign Weekend 12/13 May - hosted by Deeside Defenders, including myself.

Tickets are £15 and available from The Plastic Soldier Company

Full details

Welcome to the fourth Battlegroup gaming event. This event will be a ‘campaign’ weekend for Battlegroup Market-Garden, pitting British Armour with US and British paratroops against the defending and counter-attacking Germans, along the length of ‘Hell’s Highway’. This is not a tournament, to be won by an individual player. You will be playing as part of a larger ‘team’, winning campaign points for your side, which will eventually decide the overall winners, Allies or German.
Over the course of this campaign weekend, each player will play 3 games (2 on Saturday, 1 on Sunday), to determine if XXX Corps can advance along hell’s highway and get to Arnhem bridge or if the Germans cut the corridor, stall the advance and cause the operation to be abandoned.
Date: Saturday 12th May to Sunday 13th May, 2018
Broughton Wings Sports & Social Club
Chester Road

Each player will be required to bring:
A 500 point battlegroup for their chosen side, picked from the Battlegroup Market-Garden army lists. For the Allied players this can be either a British or American Airborne battlegroup or a British Armoured or Infantry Division battlegroup (from XXX Corps). For the Germans this must be either a Panzer, Infantry or Fallschirmjager battlegroup from Battlegroup Overlord, with all the Market-Garden alterations included.
This battlegroup must contain the correct, painted, 20mm miniatures for the units chosen. No ‘stand-in’ model should be used. Painting means, some attempt at recreating the right colour schemes and uniforms. Undercoated alone doesn’t count as ‘painted’. Strictly no unpainted miniatures can be used. Models may be from any manufacturer, but must be 20mm (1/72 or 1/76th) in scale.
As well as their required miniatures (including aircraft), players should also bring: a copy of Battlegroup Overlord and Battlegroup Market-Garden, dice, a tape measure (with inches), a set of battle rating counters, their ticket, spare paper and pen for notes (such as ammunition usage) and a hard copy of their battlegroup roster(s).
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Re: Battlegroup Market Garden Weekend

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I'm booked in for this, as I too am helping out with the organising.

Should be a fun weekend!

Cheers, Andy
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Re: Battlegroup Market Garden Weekend

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Is it an anniversary? We have just started Market Garden Campaign using the ROMMEL rules at our club.

Sorry that this is a bit too far north!
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