SOTCW Future Offer

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Re: SOTCW Future Offer

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sandsmodels wrote: 03 Jun 2019, 17:52
bannockburn bhoy wrote: 03 Jun 2019, 16:01 Given what transpired on here I was a wee bit taken aback Shaun to see you posting this on his behalf. I guess there really is no sentiment in business , I hope the endorsement doesn't come back and bite you on yer derriere.. John
i was asked to post it on the forum by mark who i have known for over 30 years.
i have purposely not realy got involved with the yes or no about the sotcw refresh but i for one would not like to see it go.
i have customers and friends on both sides of the argument so i feel it would not be in my interest to upset either party.
i am after all just selling toys to gamers.
the hobby is too small to upset anyone and life is too short to get upset over the pros and cons of it all.
i wish it can be sorted amicably for all. 8-)
Shaun..this was a genuine observation on my part ,I WAS taken aback..perhap's on reflection a bit of naivety on my part. It wasn't made to cause "bad blood" . I have been buying your excellent kit for the thirty years you have been in business and only recently placed two orders with you as you know. I have spent a small fortune with you over the years and been rewarded accordingly.
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Re: SOTCW Future Offer

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Gentlemen, this discussion has gone circular, and if I were a moderator I'd be calling a halt. Please can we desist.

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Re: SOTCW Future Offer

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I`ve decided to lock this off now.

If anyone wants to discuss my decision you know where i am.
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