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Re: SOTCW Future Offer

Posted: 12 May 2019, 10:48
by Richard B.
I went back to Charles Grant in the mid 1980s and have decided they do exactly what I want at the level I enjoy gaming :) If it works why try to change, all these new rulesets trying to reinvent the wheel miss the point of the simple fact a game must be fun.

Never looked at FoW - simply not interested in changing scale and buying constant supplements (same goes for Bolt Action) - don`t care how "fun and easy" those rulesets are, they are just designed to sell product and i`m too old to fall into that obvious beartrap :D

Re: SOTCW Future Offer

Posted: 12 May 2019, 20:51
by cartfc
It is a question of finding opponents Richard. I would be happy to stick with one set of rules, but finding someone to play them against is the problem. If you have a stable group that enjoy playing the same rules then it is fine, but over the years having had periods where that is the case eventually the group go their separate ways.


Re: SOTCW Future Offer

Posted: 12 May 2019, 21:13
by Richard B.
Never, ever belonged to a club or group (not since I helped run an D&D club in my 20s) joining the SOTCW was at least for me a fairly unique thing, actually joining something and being part of something, I`ve never really cared to do that before - and probably won`t ever again now............

Mostly I`ve played with good mates who would play the games i set up with my stuff, or I`ve played solo............

More recently I set up and run games with my lads, again they play with my stuff using the rules i use

Re: SOTCW Future Offer

Posted: 12 May 2019, 22:50
by cartfc
Richard B. wrote: 12 May 2019, 21:13 Mostly I`ve played with good mates who would play the games i set up with my stuff,
Well that sounds like a group if a rather ad hoc one and a stable one at that. :D


Re: SOTCW Future Offer

Posted: 13 May 2019, 16:35
by dadlamassu
I started out wargaming with family and friends using Don Featherstone's and Tony Bath's rules which then developed into our own and we still use them. Never really used commercial rules though some have influenced our own ones. Joined a club for a while in the 70s but it became very competition focussed so I left and since then, like Richard, just some mates, family and me meeting either my home or at another friend's home. The only exception was when I added a brief period where a police officer led club was formed for young people at risk of offending and was quite successful for a few years.

We were at Carronade on Saturday and a spectator came up as were packing up and said that he had been at the show all day and every time he passed our table people were laughing, joking and having a great time. We did not win any prizes but we all had a ball.

All my games now are with my friends and family so not much has changed other than the people.

Re: SOTCW Future Offer

Posted: 13 May 2019, 17:23
by Dave Knight
It's interesting how different people enjoy the hobby in different ways. I usually play 30+ different rulesets every year, many of which I may only ever play once or twice, few of which I will play more than a dozen times.

Re: SOTCW Future Offer

Posted: 14 May 2019, 09:16
by Seret
I think it's good to at least try other rule sets. I disagree that modern sets have lost the "fun" element, I think there is vastly more variety available in rulesets these days, you can choose from a smorgasbord of play styles and levels of crunchiness. Which is great, although there is the problem of dilution and dealing with the inevitable "wargames butterfly" effect, sometimes you've just got to put the games on yourself if there's a ruleset you prefer and your (club)mates' eyes are wandering over to the lastest shiny.

I've been logging my games on Boardgamegeek for a little while now. It's not exhaustive, but it's interesting to see what I've been playing down at the club over time.

Re: SOTCW Future Offer

Posted: 19 May 2019, 10:58
by magnification

Almost a week into the 'vote' process I thought an update might be of interest.

Based on some of the input here on the forum, but mostly in e mails, here is where I think things are going.

I am coming to the conclusion that three SOTCW publications - Runner, Range Finder, Journal - will not be sustainable. I could do it, if I got the submissions, particularly on wargaming, but this looks unlikely based on a lot of input, including from as far afield as the Solo Wargames Association (which I have just joined).

So, if the SOTCW re-boot progresses then it will be this:

The Runner - as presently proposed, with letters, reviews, kit and figure offers, and time sensitive news.
The Journal - all other material but with a focus on modelling as it pertains to wargaming and 'who does what information that previously was to go in the Range Finder. This might mean that The Journal would appear more frequently as it will contain material otherwise destined for the Range Finder.

If the SOTCW re-boot fails then I may well proceed with MWD (Model Wargames Developments). This will be the The Runner as above and The Range Finder which effectively contains the material spread that would have gone in the The Journal in the SOTCW proposal above. To be clear, if I go the MWD route then it will not be connected to the SOTCW and it will not have an online forum, at least initially, as I think this would be a direct double up with the SOTCW forum, and as a wargames community we have more than enough of these anyway. Please note also, it will probably have an 'old school 20mm' leaning, especially if I have to write the lions share of the material - think of the first twenty or so Journals and you'll get the idea.

So, how is the SOTCW re-boot going. Well, you will recall that I agreed with the SOTCW Team that I would proceed if I achieved a hundred positive replies. Actually, I proposed this to them but got no response from Russ, Phil or Andrew so I assumed that silence was concurrence. As of this morning I have 46 positives and 8 negative - just to be clear a negative means keep the SOTCW as an online presence only. I know it has only been a week but I find this status luke warm at best. In my more low moments I do see this low response as indicative that the SOTCW, fundamentally as it once was, is not recoverable and now maybe irredeemable as an active group, other than the online forum activity. If we don't get to the hundred, and with no further appreciable input then I would declare that as the result and move on to MWD.

So, if only to spur me on to greater things (!) please put your views forward now - you still have three weeks. I'll provide another update in a week or so's time.

Regards to all,


Re: SOTCW Future Offer

Posted: 19 May 2019, 14:45
by Richard B.
I haven`t responded until now, but to be 100% clear you (Mark Wheeler) treated me like shit and offered no help or guidance during my entire time as editor, you also did not write one single page during all that time - you burnt your bridges with you last tantrum as far I am concerned - if you are involved I will not support this in any way - have nice day :D

Richard B.

Re: SOTCW Future Offer

Posted: 19 May 2019, 15:42
by Kalinovsky

I don’t support your proposal either. Although you say you will generate content if it doesn’t come in from elsewhere, I have no experience of anything you wrote for the Journal in the past

The content of what you have called “The Runner” is all of a type best suited to web based delivery as timeliness adds significantly to its usefulness. I am not remotely interested in anyone’s views on how much they have done for the Society (and as I was originally in the first 150 members I have seen most of it). Reading the various parties’ posts has been as useful and interesting to listening to politicians talking about Brexit.

So as far as I am concerned what you are offering is a pig in a poke (as I can’t remember what you wrote in the past).

But what I can’t get over is you retaining members’ names and addresses against data protection law, using them and not offering any apology.

As far as I am concerned you are welcome to go your own way on your proposed project but not under the banner of this society - which as it no longer has any members I don’t think exists any more. I’ll continue to look in on the Forum in case there is anything of interest beyond the jokes (or more accurately the one joke ad nauseam) and the reverse Tangos.

I won’t be wasting time thinking of submitting any content to you or to the web site as I am fed up with the seesaw between “we need content” and “there won’t be any more Journals”, I won’t put anything behind anyone else’s firewall, and I will publish anything I want to either on one of my blogs or elsewhere.

So in the words of Duncan Bannatyne, I’m out.