What`s on the work bench?

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Re: What`s on the work bench?

Post by dadlamassu » 23 Nov 2018, 19:49

CarlL wrote:
23 Nov 2018, 18:16
Alan, I see Frank Sinatra will raise a tear or two in your family this and many more Xmas to come!
Happy-sad damp eyes.
A signature tune or two for your mum in such a long singing career.
You will all be bumping into Sinatra the world over, and your mums love of his singing!

The song I will always remember is "Fly me to the Moon" (one of her favourites. We had it played at the funeral as the coffin was brought in. The British Legion standard bearer tried to slow march to it, shrugged and just walked giving us a smile and mum would have liked that.

bannockburn bhoy
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Re: What`s on the work bench?

Post by bannockburn bhoy » 28 Nov 2018, 12:30

My auld Man was a Sinatra nut. One Christmas I remember we got a new radiogramme (yep) and he had one record That's Life he must have played it over a hundred times ,I still know every word of it 40 yrs later. :roll: :D

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