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Re: Culture Shock

Post by UshCha » 10 May 2018, 18:23

bannockburn bhoy Absolutely Correct ;-) but think of the extra rules you need, Probably 8 times extra weight of ammo as they carry 20mm Cannon not rifle shells, new ranges and accuracies for hand held 20mm cannon, would they have to use reduced charges or could they take the recoil of a vehicle mounted 20mm gun. Although they could get in, would the vehicle take the weight of blokes that big and their VERY BIG weapons ;-). Might make them favorites with the girls.

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Re: Culture Shock

Post by cartfc » 11 May 2018, 09:32

This seems to be more of a problem the smaller scale you go. People want detail on figures that shouldn’t be visible, but they like to look at them from 12” away and be able to tell MG42’s from Brens when for 1/300 your looking at the equivalent of a man 100 yards away. I did once consider using 1/300 infantry with 1/200 vehicles as the 1/200 infantry were too big.

Cheers Fred.

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Re: Culture Shock

Post by UshCha » 11 May 2018, 18:30

Well its a case of if you want it doeing properly do it yourself. Tablet/Mainframe won't play nicely today so can't post pictures. I 've have achived my Nervana, figures with the right amout of detail (none) and look like thet could fit in theire vehicl. Life just does not get any better (except for the Tablet Thing). Will post pics tomorrow when mainfarme has been re-booted.

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Re: Culture Shock

Post by granty101 » 12 May 2018, 12:02

UshCha wrote:
11 May 2018, 18:30
I have achived my Nervana, figures with the right amout of detail (none)
Brian, I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or genuine here, but in anything smaller than 20mm, (in my view that is), then you will have to either compromise if you want 'scale' figures, or use bigger figures which have the detail.

Even modellers who wish to represent things like truck mounted infantry for 1/72nd scale trucks/jeeps/halftracks, etc, have to compromise and use roughly 1/87th scale figures. This is to compensate for the fact that the vehicle sides are over scale thickness due to the material used and the limitations of the moulding process.

Basically, you are never going to get scale figures with the amount of detail you want, in your chosen scale.

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Re: Culture Shock

Post by sediment » 13 May 2018, 05:33

Sorry, but IMHO you might as well use cardboard counters, or better yet, grains of rice (long grain of course, short grain would only be suitable for 2mm) if you don't need detail, just something the right size. At 1/300 scale, I estimate a human arm (up to 15cm) is only c. 0.5mm thick, so indistinguishable, let alone uncastable, even unprintable (?). A human head (a little over 30 cm) would only be c. 1.0 mm thick, so a tiny blob on top of the grain of rice. Of course, the alternative is to play in 28mm, but observe your figures through a powerful telescope in the next street.

Personally, I need to be able to distinguish what the figures are carrying and/or doing, so I much prefer the "circus freaks". Maybe I'm odd, but I quite like some of the "so-called" big headed 6mm figures as, viewed from top down, they look good to me.

If you feel your example kneeling Charlie G figure has achieved your Nirvana then I'm pleased for you. Each to their own. I will be keeping to my H&R, Adler and GHQ 6mm figures as I can just about see what each figure is when standing at the table. However, my 15mm and 20mm armies continue to grow a pace, possibly as my eye sight deteriorates.

Cheers, Andy

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Re: Culture Shock

Post by bannockburn bhoy » 13 May 2018, 16:39

I think the oversizing of the head gear on Adler Napoleonics is particularly effective ,out of scale most certainly , but aesthetically looks good to me. I am a great believer in to each their own ,and whatever floats your boat, but I think the lower down the scales you go , your expectation levels should be in keeping with whats possible as to whats desirable. Nothing wrong with hoping that things improve either. I also personally think that the aesthetics are important.
Having said that ,what does it look like on the table ,I once spent an inordinate amount of time doing a Bulgarian Para unit ,with an extremely difficult camo pattern , on the table now they are barely distinguishable from anybody else , with the way my current eyesight is. :D

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Re: Culture Shock

Post by Seret » 21 May 2018, 08:29

UshCha wrote:
10 May 2018, 08:04
It's very clear manmufactures have beed VERY poor in adhering to scale. Clerly to get credible figures 3D printing may be the obnly way to go. ... ted-public
Of those two choices, the ones on the left are the better miniatures IMO. They might be too large, but they're better proportioned, with more and better detail. The ones on the right remind of the children's book Flat Stanley, about a lad who was accidentally squashed flat and got up to all sorts of antics, including being able to put a stamp on himself and be posted to his grandma's house.

I think when you start getting down to 6mm and 10mm scales the actual miniatures are just representative anyway. Figure scale is usually greater than 1:1 so there's a degree of abstraction going on. You're representing a number of troops operating over a certain area with a certain capabilities, and you use a small number of figures with the right weapon to represent that.

Like all wargames miniatures, it's just a token. What sort of a token you choose is a purely aesthetic decision, so tastes will vary! If you like what you're doing, great! That's why you get ranges from different manufacturers, with a different look to them. Personally I agree with the other posters that for really small stuff (6mm) then the exaggerated Adler heads (for example) look good on the table.

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Re: Culture Shock

Post by UshCha » 24 May 2018, 13:53

Finaly got a picture to show. Thse are proper sized Maders and their associated combat infantry at a plausible scale. ... ed-public/

This is possibly the only almost real scale figures ever to be seen. They even show a possibility they might fit in the vehicle! Quote from one man "They actualy look like figures you might see through binoculars if they had to be exposed". What more can you say?

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