SOTCW new hard copy periodical proposal

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Re: SOTCW new hard copy periodical proposal

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This is a joint response from the whole team - Andrew, Pete, Phil, and Russ.

We are very pleased that you wish to become active in the SOTCW once more. We’re always happy to receive offers of help. For your proposal to be done through the society and as part of the society, we would need the following:

You collate and edit material provided to you by contributing society members, and add it to any material that you write yourself.

At a schedule of your choosing (which may be when there is sufficient material), you submit that material to us in an agreed format.

We will sub-edit (ie proofread etc) the material, produce printed and PDF copies. These copies will be distributed to those society members that choose to receive them, as long as the costs of doing so can be sustained by Society funds.

Without the above, you do not have our permission to use the Society’s name or imply that your efforts are related to, or endorsed by, the Society.

In either case, you need to either hand over any remaining materials or information that you received as an officer of the SOTCW, or confirm that all such materials have been put beyond use. As you are no longer a member of the SOTCW team, you have no right to retain any such materials. In particular, you do not have any right to retain or use membership details.

Andrew Rolph
Pete Jones
Phil Gray
Russ Phillips
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Re: SOTCW new hard copy periodical proposal

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Today there has been a posting from someone suggesting that my re-involvement in the SOTCW is 'a way of topping up your pension plan'. I think this is implying that I will be defrauding the Society of funds that come my way. Perhaps it also implies that I defrauded funds whilst in the role of Treasurer between 1987 and 2014 ? I am not even going to try and answer this, but suffice to say that any enthusiasm I had for rejoining has evaporated in the face of this insulting comment.

For a week or so now I have been trying to negotiate with the Society Team a return to perform a role I think would have reenergised the core values and objectives of the Society that go way back to the late eighties and early nineties. The note below from Phil and the Team, combined with the pension plan slur, has finally convinced me that I will not not be able to work within the stifling bureaucratic environment The Team has created since I left, and neither do I really want to be associated with a failed organisation close to collapse. Better to star again, afresh.

So, this will be my last post on this web site.

I now intend to progress the establishment of a modern wargames group outside of the SOTCW. If you are interested in more detail as to what this means, then could you email me at or write to me at:

Autumn Lodge
Sorrell Green
Suffolk IP14 4TS

I do hope to hear from some of you soon,


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Re: SOTCW new hard copy periodical proposal

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I don’t think you can make a comment like that and then sweep it under the carpet with “nae offence”. Best to keep those sorts of comments off the forum and keep this a civilised discussion.
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Re: SOTCW new hard copy periodical proposal

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Mr Wheeler In the first instance I was not suggesting anything of the sort ,the notion that you would be defrauding anyone never entered my mind. To then take the leap that I thought or implied you may have previously done so beggars belief.
How you or anyone else came to that conclusion is beyond me. I would never impugn anybody without qualification.
If what I said has been interpreted that way then I apologise for the misunderstanding , again it was not my intent.
So what was I implying , I wasn't implying anything actually ,I was taking it , that given you were looking to introduce semi separate material there would be a commercial aspect to it, in other words , an earner. I actually have no problem with that ,and stated in my post that I was prepared to be financially supportive.
If I am wrong in this perhaps you could better explain things to me.

I hope this is civilised enough for you Fred ,if not ,don't worry ,it can be censored accordingly. cheers "someone"
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Re: SOTCW new hard copy periodical proposal

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I see we (well those on an old members list?) have all had a "private" email inviting us to "jump ship"? (Mark as sender or other recipients can correct me if I am reading this the wrong way?)

I have aired my views publicly on the pros and cons of our society's development. I shan't repeat myself.

We know other sources cater for the many others gaming in this period but following a specific set of rules or a specific scale of figure and I have no problem with this or with another society - "Modern Waragmes Group" proposed by Mark - being set up to cater for this period.

But I think I am sticking with what we have albeit when my writing mojo deserted me this contributed to the 'dry well' of resources for future Journal publication. A collective dry well, I am no martyr to writing!

I am thinking of offering to put on a Sotcw stand at Battleground 2018, and I have a game in mind, (simple but fun) and most of the resources required, but I am wanting to create some mountain passes that are eye catching before formally seeking members approval to ask Leon for a table.

I know our lack of a glossy magazine means we have nothing to sell to the public at Battleground that is tangible and thats a pity. (I am a Society of Ancients -SoA -member too and I think the SoA journal Slingshot is synonymous with the SoA? And not a bad thing I think. Lovers of e-communication will disagree with my paper fetish!? [Careful now Granty with what you say!?!] Although the SoA do other events too, some too expensive for my pocket.)

good luck Mark.

Hopefully others writing mojos have not been depressed like mine but I still have ideas and material I am thinking about!

Carl the paper fetist without a working pen [God knows the ammo I give that man Granty to fire back at me!!]
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Re: SOTCW new hard copy periodical proposal

Post by Dave Knight »

Well put Carl
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Re: SOTCW new hard copy periodical proposal

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CarlL wrote: 12 Jun 2018, 19:43 Carl the paper fetishist without a working pen [God knows the ammo I give that man Granty to fire back at me!!]
What you do with your Parker pen is your business Carl ;) ...but seriously, have you tried using a word processor? I find ideas go down easier, (now behave!!!), when I'm typing, but if you have a tape recorder or a Dictaphone device, you could put your thoughts and ideas down to make them easier to recall and write up later?

I currently have four embryonic 'ideas' on my desktop awaiting more research and motivation to write them Carl, you're not the only one who has writers block or lack of mojo at the minute :(

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Re: SOTCW new hard copy periodical proposal

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Thank you for your input guys - I do wish more members would comment so we have some idea of what everytone wants/feels it would make "the future" debates more constructive. This has always been a major bugbear for me even before i became editor, no-one talks (usual suspects excluded obviously :D ) so the "society" as a body actually doesn`t exist. Mark`s idea sounds wonderful, but it doesn`t address this, a forum/chat group/ Facebook page could if members actively participated - which is why i worked to set some of them up. We the membership have let the society die, not the team who have done their very best - creating pdfs, online distribution, colour, better editting and general layout.

Carl, a table at Battleground would be a fine idea :D

I haven`t lost my writing mojo I have maybe 20 A4 pages done on this machine, just the scenarios i`ve been writing for me and the boys for Spain, I`ve stopped reviewing as the present team were unsure of a publication schedule and didn`t think reviews should just be stock-piled (I 100% agree). So if The Journal does re-surface in some form I am happy to submit this material to the editorial team as content.
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Re: SOTCW new hard copy periodical proposal

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My tuppence worth is that perhaps the problem lies in membership particiation. I am a member of several clubs and societies and all are suffering from a lack of membership participation regardless of the way that they engage or attempt to engage with their membership. There appears to be a general lack of motivation to participate and even less to take up committee or other appointments.

I have not done any scientific research but to give an example: I am a member of a national veterans organisation and we have been involved in the WW1 commemoration events since 2014. The membership turned out for the first few events in great numbers but gradually parade fatigue set in and numbers fell away. At the moment I have requests to attend or participate in 27 events between 25 June and 1 July.

Extrapolating this to wargaming maybe there are just too many societies, clubs, facebooks, forums, twitters for any reasonable person to participate in? I was a member of about 20 at one time but I have cut right back to half a dozen. Also my writing is focussed just now on scenarios and since my wargaming now s almost exclusively at our little club and with our grandchildren I am doing virtually no 20th century wargames (except zombies with the boys). I am doing zombies, Jason and the Argonauts, Ancient Romans & Britons, Vikings, fantasy and Victorians. Not because I particularly want to but that is what others want to play and I really like the social aspect. So that is what I play.

So given what is happening in general with other societies and groups we have to offer what the membership wants and that is realy difficult as the vast majority will be passive and follow or leave as their interests move.

This is probably not much help in creating a plan. I think that there is too wide a choice for a fairly small number of wargamers.
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Re: SOTCW new hard copy periodical proposal

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Alan I think what you're describing is pretty natural for all types of societies and clubs. There's a natural attrition in all these groups, people either drift away to do other things or they stick around but their engagement level drops.

There's really only one way to counter it: you need your supply of fresh faces to match the rate at which the old ones are dropping away. The SOTCW has seen member numbers declining for a while, which is why Journal submissions have dried up too. Without keen new members to refill the ranks you're never going to get enough the keep the Journal going.
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