Salute 2018.

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Re: Salute 2018.

Post by SOTCW799 » 31 Mar 2018, 20:22

Never went to Kensington, but did go to Olympia, which I found a little claustrophobic the last couple of years before Salute moved to Excel. I've been most years to Excel, which I find has got enough room to swing a cat, but you need a cat's eyes due to the poor lighting, especially when you are buying 6mm figures.
Since Navwar sold Heroics & Ros, Salute and Warfare have been my main buying points for Heroics & Ros and also Timecast. I also use to visit The Baggage Train when they use to come to Salute, however they pulled out due to costs, as did Adler.
Salute is my closest wargames show, and is easy for me to reach by the Tube and the DLR, I use to drive there but the outrageous prices Excel now charge to park there put a end to that. It is now cheaper for me to park at Epping, and use my Oyster card to get to Excel, than pay for the parking.
The one good thing about Excel is you have plenty of choice of food, not some over cooked burgers that have been standing around all day.

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Re: Salute 2018.

Post by cartfc » 10 Apr 2018, 22:59

Well I have decided not to go to Salute. Just can’t be bothered this year. Of course I have ordered several not going to Salute purchases, which is only right I think!

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Re: Salute 2018.

Post by bannockburn bhoy » 11 Apr 2018, 10:47

sounds like a plan ...heard its completely soulless

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Re: Salute 2018.

Post by hammurabi70 » 17 Apr 2018, 17:07

Would anyone who went this year like to post an update with their experience?
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Re: Salute 2018.

Post by Dice Rustler » 18 Apr 2018, 13:55

Well, since you asked...

Yes, I went to Salute; it is crowded and overwhelming at first, the lighting is poor and has a bewildering number of trade stands, but I had a great day out. Even with the emphasis on SF and fantasy games (particularly those promoted by the makers) there were still a large number of historical games. The show guide lists some 18 games covering the 20th Century alone!

I never take pictures as there are plenty of photos on the various blogs. If you study any of these you will see that there were two Zeebrugge games (in keeping with the 1918 theme), my favourite being that in 1:300 put on by the NWS as it gave a much better impression of the overall operation. WW2 was well represented with Tunisia 1943 in 20mm, the battle for Leros (also set in 1943), a display from Two Fat Lardies of their game What a Tanker!, a game of hunt the Tiger from Crawley Wargames Club, and a game to sink the USS Hornet, put on by Warlord games.

I could only find 2 modern games; one an amphibious Soviet assault on Copenhagen, which got a bit Team Yankee and overcrowded, and a more interesting 1:200 affair based on the board game ‘Eisenbach Gap’, put on by the Berks and Bucks Occasionals, which showed the advantage of using the smaller scale for this type of wargame.

And so on. So there was no excuse not to enjoy yourself!

I think that I got to see all of the trade stands, and my haul included a set of Tong characters for Western Gunfight games, a pack of 15mm crossbowmen, and of course the free show figures for those booking in advance. These are a really nice set of WW1 infantrymen enjoying the peace after the Armistice. I will split mine up for different uses, but it does assemble up into an excellent vignette.
I know others have differing opinions of Salute, but for me it is a great wargaming day out, and the guys at South London Warlords deserve much credit for organising an event on this scale each year.


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Re: Salute 2018.

Post by bannockburn bhoy » 18 Apr 2018, 16:21

Thanks for that Bernard ,at the very least it gives you an opportunity to see things in the flesh. cheers John

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