Salute 2018.

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Salute 2018.

Post by cartfc » 29 Mar 2018, 18:12

For the first time in some years I am seriously thinking about not bothering with Salute this year. There are times I haven’t been in the past due to work commitments, but I am free this year and just not sure if I will bother. As a show it is now largely a feeding fest for the buyers of show deals interspersed with a few slowly moving dioramas (otherwise know as demo games) and a few participation games. Anyone else contemplating a visit?

Cheers Fred.

Richard B.
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Re: Salute 2018.

Post by Richard B. » 29 Mar 2018, 18:21

Never ever been to a big show, just never had the time :shock:

Until last year, i`d never missed the Penarth show (Crusade), but just couldn`t be bothered this year either :(
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Re: Salute 2018.

Post by cartfc » 29 Mar 2018, 19:32

I used to enjoy Salute a lot. Kensington town hall was the best venue, but Olympia was ok. The aircraft hanger at Excel is frankly depressing. The smaller shows are better. I enjoyed Beachead in Bournemouth this. Caught up with a few people I hadn’t seen in a while and there were some good games on show. Spent a while chatting to some gamers putting on an excellent 28mm desert game. It just seemed all round a nicer day out.

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Re: Salute 2018.

Post by Panzer21 » 30 Mar 2018, 08:09

I used to go to Salute when I lived in the South West and managed to get there the first year I moved to the Midlands, but I haven't been since it moved from Olympia.

Locally I used to really enjoy Derby when it was at the University and it started to improve; when it moved to Castle Donnington I think it went downhill.

I think the venue of a show has more of an effect than people realise on enjoyment.

I have to think carefully these days about attending a show; they have become glorified shopping trips, often filled with obnoxious smelly wargamers, where you are crammed between trade stands and "demo game" tables.

At least some are moving towards participation games.

It may be age but I often come away depressed having mentally screened out all these tables full of sculpted terrain and MDF buildings, mostly to keep my blood pressure low. I then try to convince myself I have saved on postage and got to see new "stuff".


Gun-Pit Paul
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Re: Salute 2018.

Post by Gun-Pit Paul » 30 Mar 2018, 09:09

Never been to Salute.

My 2 shows are: Legionary (Exeter) and Battlegroup South (Bovington).
Legionary: More open spaced than most, the only crowded bit is the Bring & Buy.
Bovington: The Tank Museum, and it's 2 days! Plenty of time to get what I want (brain being what it is).


bannockburn bhoy
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Re: Salute 2018.

Post by bannockburn bhoy » 30 Mar 2018, 09:16

It was at Salute that the Journal was born ,many moons ago, i was the 13th to join, and the adage is probably applicable in some context. Salute back then in Kennsington was a really great show ,then the money making potential took it over I think , and with the commercial aspect of it people started to get a wee bit disenchanted with it. I used to go every year when I was in London. The other main show was held in Crystal Palace Sports Arena ,I lived just across the road from it, so attended every year. Cavalier held in Tonbridge was a good show ,I attended it when I lived in Tunbridge Wells. Did Reading once , huge show. The only show in Glasgow bit the dust a couple of years ago ,don't know why really as there are enough war games clubs to easily sustain it. I must admit to miss going to the shows ,instant gratification buying stuff ,seeing what was on offer ,and the games themselves were good. The demo game seems to have taken over the various proceedings.
It was also good to put a face to the traders you dealt with etc.
Alan I know you have all the Journals ,could you please tell me what the date was on the first publication . cheers John

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Re: Salute 2018.

Post by Rumblestrip » 30 Mar 2018, 10:04

I stumbled on the Armageddon show in Reading as a student in 1981 (maybe 1980). Purely by chance, did I happen to be in the town on that Saturday and see the big banner across some odd municipal building above the bus station. Ordinarily I would have been hanging around campus. It remains my favourite wargaming memory.

It was (rose tinted glasses firmly in place) utterly brilliant. The university ran a participation dogfight game which cost 10 pence to enter...but you won 10 pence for each plane you shot down. After two or three goes I was 30 or 40 pence up, but had inadvertently revealed that I was a student at the university, at which point the organisers decided I was the wrong side of the table and roped me in to help run it for a while. Simply because it was the first and I wasn't really a miniatures wargamer (more a board wargamer), no subsequent show in the next thirty years was anything like as good.

In my thirties I went to quite a lot of midlands shows around Walsall, Derby, Nottingham, Stoke, Shrewsbury, Birmingham etc At some point they began to pall and within a few years I went to WMMMS and Derby Worlds only. I only missed WMMMS once in 15 years or so because my wife had the bad manners to go into labour the night before (its appearance in the calendar is now how I remember it's getting close to my son's birthday).

About ten years ago I stopped attending them regularly as well - haven't been to the last two of either of them. Shows somehow started to consist of lots of stuff I didn't want to buy and lots of very nicely displayed but, ultimately, 'samey' games. Invariably they were in scales I wasn't interested in. They were either things I knew little about, in which case they simply seemed to be pretty, or things I did know something about, in which case they were simply 'wrong' (wrong OOB, wrong scale of representation, wrong aspects of the encounter modelled). Obviously this is 'wrong' from my perspective - it might be that 'unsatisfying' would be fairer.

So now I don't go to many shows, since all that happens is that I pay £5 to get in, buy a poisonous burger and chips for an extortionate amount, wander around for two hours and go home with aching feet having added nothing to my hobby. They used to be far more amateurish and light- hearted, it seems to me, and were all the better for it.


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bannockburn bhoy
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Re: Salute 2018.

Post by bannockburn bhoy » 30 Mar 2018, 10:35

I think you nailed it there Andrew ,the fact that they are much more professional now ,has taken something away from them , for me anyway. There was a better day out to be had when things were on a more personal level.
Salute in particular for me became far to clinical ,im sure the warlords put a huge amount of effort into it but it lost something in the making. cheers John

Dice Rustler
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Re: Salute 2018.

Post by Dice Rustler » 30 Mar 2018, 16:03

I will be going to Salute with a group of friends from my club as I have done so for the last couple of years. I agree with many of the above comments about the show; it's too large, impersonal and being increasingly taken over by the larger commercial interests. I also prefer the smaller local shows but most of these are just a little too far away. The main reason I go is to meet up with many of my other old wargame acquaintances, some going back over 40 years now; I even bump into a few I'd long forgotten!


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Re: Salute 2018.

Post by hammurabi70 » 30 Mar 2018, 22:19

Never went to Kensington, put off by stories of five deep queues to reach trader stands, the labyrinth hive that required a map and golden thread, and the sheer numbers in the crowd at the event. Went to Olympia a couple of times and enjoyed that. Been twice to Excel and thought the same as others have described. You can see and touch products and get new ideas on the stands but these days the internet and news forums provide the information you need. I have only gone when the postage savings on purchases are greater than the cost of attending but nowadays I am even wanting to cost in the time for a day out, so it only seems worthwhile to meet and great long-lost friends (three last time). Not expecting to go this year.
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