Care package from the US

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Richard B.
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Care package from the US

Post by Richard B. »

Time and time again over the years I have found the generosity and friendship within our hobby to be a source of both amazement and humbling wonder.

People who only know one another over the internet seem quite willing to help one another without thought to payment or reciprocity!

Yesterday I received a car package from Bill Krieg from the US - bits`n pieces which had been hanging around his collection for yrs.


Mostly Airfix
3 x Sherman
1 x Churchill
1 x Water/fuel truck
2 x quad tractor
2 x 25pdr
1 x limber
1 x buffalo
1 x Jeep
1 x Landrover
2 x Panther
2 x Tiger I
1 x Stug III
3 x Britannia SS cavalry

Some of this is immediately salvageable as is, others can become wrecks or scavenged for parts, all in all very useful and gratefully received.

Thanks Bill, much appreciated :D
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David Reasoner
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Re: Care package from the US

Post by David Reasoner »

Indeed! Last month I received a similar package from Bill with a dozen assorted vehicles and a couple of bags of plastic and metal DAK figures. I've already repaired some of the vehicles (Skytrex Kubel, RAFM Universal Carrier, Airfix Morris Quad & 25-pdr so far) and added them to the painting queue, while about half of the metal DAK have been organized as another infantry company and are already based and painted.

I'm still working on sending a small care package in return, but haven't been able to find the Roco GMC CCKW trucks that I wanted to include. My stash inventory list says I still have 'em, but so far no luck finding them.

Thanks Bill!

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Re: Care package from the US

Post by Fire-at-Will »

yes it's great to share :D
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Re: Care package from the US

Post by billk »

There comes a point, well actually an age, where you look at all the projects in your stash and say "what the hell, I'll never get to all of this"!

On having this realization my thought was... gamers who have enriched my gaming life with their online posts, or by hosting games I have played in, should receive bits 'n pieces of my "too many extras;" knowing the items would show up in a post or in a game and I would benefit from seeing what the recipients did with them. (And, knowing I'll probably buy things for current projects that will be "one too many," and eventually end up in the stash, I need to make a little space.)

Both of you, Richard and David, have made my online travels enjoyable with your AARs and posts about various topics. Wish the world wasn't locked-down and we were closer geographically, so we could actually meet around the table.

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