Feliz Navidad!

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Richard B.
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Feliz Navidad!

Post by Richard B. »

Just in case I forget a huge Merry Chrsitmas and a peaceful and safe New Year to everyone here.

Thoughts to all our servicemen and emergency workers on duty through the festive period :D

Lets all hope 2021 is a little brighter and more cooperative :roll:

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Re: Feliz Navidad!

Post by ianrs54 »

Thanks Richard
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Re: Feliz Navidad!

Post by CarlL »

Merry Christmas to you, too, Richard, and to all Forum users.
Wishing all Happy New Year, and hopefully a healthier, safer 2021, where and when we can resume tabletop games in each other's homes, clubs, and weekend trade events.
David Reasoner
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Re: Feliz Navidad!

Post by David Reasoner »

Indeed, Merry Christmas to all here, and hope for a kinder, gentler New Year!

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Re: Feliz Navidad!

Post by granty101 »

Merry Christmas to all...stay safe and stay well.

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