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Christmas annual...who's up for it??

Posted: 04 Sep 2020, 18:28
by granty101
Hello all,

My good friend and 'banter mate' Carl has recently put forward the idea of the SOTCW doing a one-off annual publication. This would come out about December 2021, and thus give us time to collate articles, do show reports, do battle reports, book and product reviews, etc. This would give all interested parties time to prepare, either written submissions, or the organisation such an endeavour would undertake.

The two questions I am asking are;

1: Who out there in cyber land would be interested in seeing this publication?
2: Would you be prepared to put a deposit down for this publication?

If this venture takes wings and flies, then I personally am prepared to write a couple of articles for it, and also go to shows and sell unsold issues in the name of promoting the SOTCW.

Can I get some feedback please??



Re: Christmas annual...who's up for it??

Posted: 05 Sep 2020, 07:33
by CarlL

I am in danger of repeating what was said on another message / topic on this forum.
Also we are in danger of killing off an idea before its born by putting "cart before horse" me thinks.

There is no need for a deposit, if you are thinking cash, as I did on first seeing Grant's message.
There is a need to create a deposit of articles, (as said or suggested elsewhere on forum yesterday).

If we can achieve enough material to create a Journal Annual then its how its 'published / distributed' that remains a question (and if we fail to do this then material should be returned to authors for use elsewhere).

In one sense there is no cash cost in a low tech Word format or if someone clever like Russ can turn a Word format into a pdf format to email to all interested. (I haven't asked Russ this mind, sorry Russ!)

However if all interested wanted, we could become depositors / one off subscribers to said Journal Annual in 2021 and use funds raised to cover costs or raise funds for future Journal Annual. As a group of 'friends' or as an association if Sotcw ever had a formal constitution which it appear it did not. What funds are needed will depend on how it is fromatted and published, (I think but Russ may be able to advise us all on this issue).

If as Alan noted, he (and others) prefer a paper publication then there could be additional costs like printing and posting, but if we think small and only a handful want to see it as a paper Journal Annual then these costs may be low or possibly the technical or glossy nature of the production values may be lowered by making it something printed off someones inkjet printer and staple bound as where in past (or perhaps in past roneo printed and stapled, if memory serves me correctly) in case of the first Donald Featherstone "Wargamers Newsletter" Annuals.
(I still have one or two of them if the moths etc havent eaten them!)
That would keep costs low. I mean low. I havent Russ's experience of publishing but I think we should aim at content first and low cost low production second.

In this vein I would be happy to put up a hundred pounds to help cover such low tech costs but not happy to put up a thousand pounds for a glorious failure that tries to do too much. I would hope that costs would be much less than one hundred pounds as I noted above it costs only time to create a bank of material - your and my time to research and write and then if done as a Word document and emailed out there should be no costs.
If (using Alan as an example, again without asking him this) Alan was not happy to have his work published in a low tech (lower than previous publication value wise) Journal Annual, then we may never get to point of having enough material if costs of latter glossy / high production value Journals outweighs what could be raised as a subscription to that one off issue.

I am not advocating a return to an annual subscription and tying that to producing two or more Journals.
I am advocating seeing if we can gather enough material (over next twelve months) to create a one off Journal Annual in 2021, for distribution prior to Christmas 2021, (apologies to any non Christians, the child in me still sees Xmas as time for giving and receiving goodies) that may appeal to many former members at a LOW cost in cash if not in time to its authors and compilers.

The DEMISE of the JOURNAL was said to be lack of material to publish.
So Grant the FIRST question to ask is can we gather enough material to publish a JOURNAL ANNUAL?

In this regard I would say all the small and interesting pieces you have done, Grant, would be good for a JOURNAL ANNUAL, whereas the likes of reviews I submitted previously would not be useful, as they lose value or interest as time passes from their availability. I would say the many battle reports that Richard Baber has done would be of value for a JOURNAL ANNUAL publication, but not if they have already been read on his blog. (So it would be a case of asking Richard to donate one or more exclusively to the JOURNAL ANNUAL, (all would remain his copyright property to do with as he pleases after appearing in the JOURNAL ANNUAL). I would suggest that nuggets around kit conversions and terrain building from scratch or conversion would be useful too (if not already read or published elewhere).

OK thats enough from me and you, Grant, I think we are in on this idea.
I see where Alan might be in on this idea for his othe rpost on the forum.
Over to any other forum users and past Sotcw members, some of whom now post elsewhere like on TFL forum.

Re: Christmas annual...who's up for it??

Posted: 05 Sep 2020, 10:10
by granty101
Hi Carl,

I still think your idea of a one-off printed annual is a good idea, but the two questions we need to address first are;

1: Can we amass enough articles/material for a printed one-off Journal type publication?
2: Have we got enough people interested in purchasing it if we can do it?

As for the first question, I don't mind writing articles and having them 'held back' for publication? As Alan has stated elsewhere on the forum, he likes to see his work in printed format...well so do I!! So, if this 'annual' doesn't take wings and fly, we just return the work to the authors who submitted it, or in my personal case, Russ can post it up on the forum as and when he can.

As for the second question, apathy on this forum currently sees the same names/faces we have got to get people to pop their head over the parapet and make an expression of interest.

Anyway, enough of my thoughts, its now over to the forum members and lurkers to stand up and be counted.